Bank Alfalah Fired An Employee For Abusive Behavior On Social Media, But People Are Boycotting The Bank Instead

By Bisma Rizwan | 14 Jun, 2019

Bank Alfalah fired an employee for trolling a journalist on Twitter by being abusive, but it kinda backfired.

Social media has become increasingly commonplace, and the first thing that we turn to in the case of any minor inconvenience, or a major achievement. We keep ourselves updated with every minute of the story, and interact with hundreds, if not thousands, of people on a daily basis through our tweets, statuses and what not. And so, our social media reflects who we are as a person – or who we aspire to be, and you can get to learn a lot about someone just with a single scroll through their profile.

Recently, things took a turn for the worse when a Twitter user made a rather vile comment on a journalist’s commentary regarding Imran Khan’s latest address to the nation.

Journalist Hasan Zaidi came through with receipts. He posted screenshots of the guy, and tagged his employers, Bank Alfalah, to bring his inappropriate behavior to notice.

There was some backlash when he initially posted the tweets, and a few warnings of how the backlash would intensify given that the employers had been involved, but Zaidi reinforced how the user has a pattern of such inappropriate behavior, and that this wasn’t a one-off incident.

Soon after, Bank Alfalah tweeted out an official statement clearly denoting that the employee had been let go of due to his behavior.

The statement said that the Bank has a zero-tolerance policy against personal attacks and use of offensive language and that they don’t subscribe to or endorse such behavior.

The entire episode, however, hasn’t settled well with the public, and the hashtag “#BoycottBankAlfalah” has been trending over Twitter, demanding justice for the man who sent the abusive tweet to be treated “fairly.”

Source: Twitter

The redundancy without an inquiry seemed rather harsh to some, and people demanded a fair trial instead

People believed that Alfalah has ended up doing some severe PR damage.

People even questioned the authority and validity of the decision making authorities at Alfalah and asked why the cybercrime unit wasn’t involved first

There were some to point out how behavior like this is common on social media and one should have thick skin to face it all

However, it must be noted that a social media mask or persona does not dissolve people of any kind of accountability. Having a voice on social media does not mean you can get away with being inappropriate and these arguments further normalize that toxic behavior.

Moreover, people started digging up Zaidi’s old tweets, saying he himself abuses many of the people who disagree with him and yet he gets to get away with it all

It has come to a point where people are shutting their accounts down and asking everyone to not make any transactions through Alfalah. 

However, Hasan Zaidi did clarify his intentions, saying he only wanted to bring his behavior to the employer’s notice – not actually get him fired

An online persona does not mean that you abuse and troll freely – there has to be some accountability. However, as Zaidi himself stated, he didn’t technically ask the man to be fired. Was the company’s decision a bit severe?

It does, however, inculcate a sense of alarm, considering one of the top trends is actually in support of the man who carried out abusive behavior, instead of the man who raised the concern directly with the abuser’s employers.

What do you think about this entire fiasco? Let us know in the comments!


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