11 Times Fawad And Mahira Drowned You In Their Pyaar With Their Intense Chemistry

By Sajeer Shaikh | 8 Sep, 2017

So I take it that we’re all fans of Fawad and Mahira. And why wouldn’t we be? They’re gorgeous individuals who look pretty darn adorable together.

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So we used Sheheryar Munawar to get you guys to read up a little about increasing temperatures. Let’s try to use Fawad and Mahira to get you guys to read about rising water levels.

Here goes:


1. Let’s start with this super cute picture of Fawad and Mahira

Aww, isn’t this cute? Well, take a long, hard look and appreciate these two. Because the way our water level’s rising, we don’t really know how much longer us coastal area folks have before we’re swimming with the fishes.

Source: Hum Network Limited


2. Now, let’s move on to this picture that’s pretty intense

The way Fawad’s looking at Mahira? Yeah, that’s how water is currently looking at our coastal areas. That too is pretty intense.

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3. Here, Fawad seems distracted by Mahira’s beauty.

Focus, Fawad. And everyone else. Here’s why: the sea level rises by 6mm every year. So while we’re distracted like Fawad here, climate change is kinda plotting to kill us.

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4. So this is a different kind of intensity

See that look Fawad’s giving Mahira? He’s probably just concerned about how our biggest threat isn’t terrorism – it’s climate change.

Source: Hum Network Limited


5. And here, it seems like Mahira was just told how rising sea levels may affect Pakistan

Kinda seems like Mahira found out that Pakistan is among the top 10 countries that are most at risk due to climate change. And the fact that if a tsunami similar to the one in 1945 hits Karachi, it would displace around 45 million people.

Source: luxstyle.pk


7. “Take climate change seriously, Fawad.” – Mahira Khan, probably

After all, a letter issued to Nawaz Sharif by The Senate’s Standing Committee on Science and Technology in 2015 did express fears of intrusion by the sea along the coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan. And it stated that Karachi could be under water by 2060.

Source: Hum Network Limited


8. In this picture, Fawad is all of us

Because we’re ~blinded~ by our own ignorance. Casually overlooking the fact that parts of Malir have already sunk and Karachi could be next.

Source: luxstyle.pk


9. “Do you believe in climate change now, Fawad?” – Mahira, probably

Not just to Fawad Khan, but to all of us who are naysayers.

Source: luxstyle.pk


10. Dang, they look pretty serious here

They’re probably talking about how the downstream of River Indus and cutting of mangroves have actually worsened the situation and made the threat of aquatic intrusion all too real.

Source: Hum Network Limited


11. And in this last picture, Mahira is basically Karachi and Fawad is every Karachiite ever

You know, since Karachi is begging us to pay attention to what matters (climate change) and we’re a bit too busy with all developmental advancements to pay heed to how we’re damaging the environment.

Source: luxstyle.pk


On a more serious note, we really need to remember that many parts of Karachi are at sea level or below it. We’ve already seen how climate change has affected the monsoon pattern. Karachi was flooded, after all, a few days ago.

Any powerful natural disaster could render millions homeless and take away loved ones from one another. 

However, the plantation of coastal forests of mangroves could save Pakistan from this imminent threat. It’s basic Geography. Pretty sure half of us have read about this in our Pakistan Studies waley lectures.

So let’s put that knowledge to good use, stay woke and well informed and try to maybe take an initiative to reverse some of the damage.

What do you guys think? Have something to add? Let us know below.


Cover image via luxstyle.pk

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