Students From FAST Want To Collect “Donations” For The Diamer Bhasha Dam Fund In The Most Hilarious Way

By Noor | 15 Dec, 2018

For this past year, the Diamer Bhasha Dam has been the talk of the town, among other things of course. Efforts to collect donations have been in full swing and jahan bhi jao, people are always talking about whether or not this is a step in the right direction. Now, we know many celebrities have been donating money for the dam fund, but students from FAST are going a step further.

Basically, an event is being planned by the students of FAST to collect WATER for the Diamer Bhasha Dam.

Yeah, you read that right. Water. Not money. Seedha paani deinge yeh bachey. 

Via: Facebook

Apparently, this event will take place in FAST, on the 28th of December. Organizers of the event even went as far as to answer any queries people may have regarding how things would be done:

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Obviously, yaar. Buckets are so inconvenient. Bottles hee use hongi. Yeh bhi poochne waley sawaal hain? Khair, as news caught on regarding the event, people had some pretty mixed reactions, as one would expect.

Some people were really confused about the entire idea

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Matlab, iss main confuse honay ka kya scene hai? Just take water and donate it. Problem solved.

Others are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the concept.

Via: Instagram

Via: Instagram

Some people were just there to prove that muftay har jagah hotay hain

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But honestly, some people did manage to understand the true essence of the event

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They also thought that it was a better idea to bring water from home

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And some people? Yeah, they just didn’t believe hard enough

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Lol, it’s a pretty funny idea if you really think about it and kudos to the students of FAST for coming up with such a great troll event. Can’t wait to see what actually goes down. Let us know if you plan on going!


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