We All Might Have Just Been Played By Boxer Amir Khan’s Wife Faryal Makhdoom And Her In-Laws

We All Might Have Just Been Played By Boxer Amir Khan’s Wife Faryal Makhdoom And Her In-Laws

Being a child of the internet, you’ve probably heard all about Faryal Makhdoom airing the couples’ dirty laundry as astonishing details of their family life went public through Faryal’s Snapchat account. If not, what are you even doing here?

 Yeh dekhein jaldi se to catch up on everything before we dive in. 

So, after Faryal Makhdoom spoke up regarding bullying, abuse and disrespect she has had to face from the Khan family, naming her mother, sisters and brother-in-law culprits of publicly and privately humiliating her. According to the timeline set by the world boxing champion’s wife, the abuse dates back years and continued as she was expecting their daughter Lumaisah Khan, now two years old.


Sister-in-law Mariyah Khan has been equally vocal, taking the beef with Faryal to a whole new level.

Posting snapchats to her public account, she has been refuting many of the claims Faryal Makhdoom made in her snapstory, including one where Faryal mentioned that the sisters-in-law physically harassed her in one of their confrontations.


She continued to disbar Faryal’s claims with tongue-in-cheek jabs.


Finally posting a more elaborate statement.

“Don’t judge anyone without hearing the other side of the story”, Mariyah writes. “There is a lot more hidden under the carpet”


She has also been personally responding to a lot of comments on her Instagram page.



Meanwhile, Faryal doesn’t have time for ANY OF THAT.

She’s telling it like it is. There’s nothing worse than a woman who’s ABSOLUTELY HAD IT.


Amir’s brother Haroon Khan nicknamed Harry is the commonwealth games boxing bronze medalist and a professional boxer.

He also took to Twitter to post a statement.


But that didn’t mean JACKSHIT ’cause Faryal had it in the bag all along.

T H A T  C L A P B A C K  T H O 👏👏👏

All jokes apart, that is just vile. To think all this had been happening SMACK UNDER OUR NOSES?!?


Then there’s a Tabinda/Tabby in this family drama, too

The other sister in law who apparently had been unscathed throughout this situation but to quote Faryal, “She is the eldest yet the worst”

In this very public row, one can clearly see where the public support is swaying.


People on social media have shared their two cents over Faryal’s battle with one of Britain’s most influential families.




Of course, people of our team couldn’t NOT have said something


One person was quick to make note of a very hashtagblessed occurrence.


And that, Amir Khan truly is. Through and through.


To those underscoring Faryal’s experiences by comments like, “why didn’t she alert the authorities”, “such matters should remain private” or “why did she have to post on social media about it?”, please understand that we absolutely CANNOT question a person’s struggle and their choice of speaking up about it. Why must the victim be expected to be decent to the perpetrator?

To quote the wise person on the internet I recently interacted with, “if you abuse someone, you lose the right to dictate how your abuse will be communicated to others”.



We’ve just received some information through Daily Mail that may reveal what the family may have really been up to

Apparently, UK TV channel Booom TV is coming up with a reality television show along the lines of Kim Kardashian and her family. In a now deleted Instagram image by the channel’s official account, Aamir and Faryal were pictured with an executive of the channel with the caption titled “Home with the Khans”, according to British tabloid The Sun.


Guess, when we posted about how Kim Kardashian would be like if she was Pakistani, we wouldn’t be having to guess anymore.

What do you think, is it all for a TV show or was it real?

Cover image via: Rabbani and Solimene Photography

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