Fans Are Worried For YouTuber Irfan Junejo After He Announced That He Has Quit Making Vlogs

By Noor | 12 Feb, 2020

YouTuber Irfan Junejo has caused fans distress with his latest announcement

Irfan Junejo is one of the most celebrated vloggers in Pakistan. From the beginning of his YouTube career, Junejo has somehow managed to impress the audience with the unique and engaging content. Now the release of his latest video has left his fans in shock and worried about their favorite YouTuber.


In his new video, YouTuber Irfan Junejo just announced that he is quitting making vlogs 

He started off his video by revealing that the exponential increase in his fame has made him a reclusive person. He continued by saying that he is enjoying this new change. The vlogger explained that although his vlogging career has helped him to live all his dreams, on the contrary, it has impacted his life by resulting in issues like anxiety and insecurities.

Source: Irfan Junejo/YouTube


Irfan explained that he doesn’t like making vlogs now

In his words, “main yeh nahe keh raha kay main YouTube chorr raha hun ya kabhe koi video upload nahe karun ga.” He basically concluded his statement by saying that vlogs are no longer a focus of his life. He ended the vlog by his slightly modified signature statement, “scenez kuch aisay hain and take it easy.”

Source: Irfan Junejo/YouTube

Junejo didn’t clarify this himself but a quote at the end of the video has caused concern for his fans about his mental health

The quote says, “I put my heart and soul into my work, and I have lost my mind in the process.”

Source: Irfan Junejo/YouTube


Junejo fans are in a state of shock and grief

Source: Irfan Junejo/YouTube


Source: Irfan Junejo/YouTube


His parting words have particularly struck a chord


People are writing heartfelt comments for their favorite vlogger

Source: Irfan Junejo/YouTube


A lot of them are proud that Irfan was following his heart instead of getting sucked into the rat race of internet fame and virality

They were happy that their favorite chose his mental health over anything.

Source: Irfan Junejo/YouTube


Of course, there are some haters as well but that’s to be

You can’t please everyone.


Here’s the video where YouTuber Irfan Junejo made his shocking announcement


Will you also miss Junejo’s vlogs? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: Irfan Junejo / YouTube

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