Fahad Mustafa Just Insulted A Reporter For Calling Him “Fawad” And It Started A Full On Fight

By Iman Zia | 12 Feb, 2019

Fahad Mustafa has always been known to be unwaveringly controversial; be it in his opinions regarding the entertainment industry, or his certain antics that have tarnished his respect, the actor always seems to be at the kernel of something questionable.

Fahad recently tweeted about how Mehwish Hayat’s new web series ‘Enaaya’ was basically porn…

And then remember the time he ridiculed a little girl’s drawing of him on live television?


So it’s clear to state that the actor does have a rather flit nature and temperamental aura about him. So in a recent interview, a reporter accidentally called Fahad “Fawad,” and things simply escalated from there on.

The actor has been an avid supporter of “Karachi Kings” and with Pakistan Super League fast approaching, we’ll be seeing a lot of press conferences regarding the most anticipated Pakistani sports event of the year. The team’s owner, Salman Iqbal was present with president Wasim Akram and coach Mickey Arthur.

Source: Go Viral/YouTube


Fahad asked the ‘Samaa’ reporter sarcastically who “Fawad” was to which the reporter responded too, in a sarcastic manner.

The reporter admitted to his mistake and told Fahad that he’d told him off enough, ushering him to move onto the actual sawaal. The team’s owner, captain and president were amused by the squabble, taking it lightly meanwhile.

Source: Go Viral/YouTube


Fahad was questioned about his remarks on naming cricketer Muhammad Amir to Wasim Akram and told him to be more well versed in the realm of cricket before making such statements.

Source: Go Viral/YouTube


Fahad then ordered a rather rude and sarcastic ‘taaliyan’ for the reporter before demanding his mic be turned off.

The reporter was clearly upset, and despite having his mic removed, and told the actor to mind his language after he called the reporter “beta.” Fahad, clearly triggered then said how they called the reporters there and that they should respect them.


Here’s the verbal altercation between the actor and the ‘Samaa’ reporter.



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