This Brand Is Literally Bringing Your Mom's Shaadi Ki Video To Life And It's So Wholesome

By Arslan Athar | 21 May, 2019

We’ve all seen our parents’ shaadi video at least once. The aesthetic from the 70s and 80s was truly a class of its own. From colorful tent decor to simple clothes, it’s safe to say those were simpler times. In an age of extravagant and glamorous weddings, we’ve lost that simplicity and elegance.

Fahad Hussayn’s ad for his latest festive collection aims to harken back to that time of simplicity. This collection is the festive extension of the existing collection called ‘Suraiya Titanic’. He and his team have clearly put a lot of effort and time into this concept because it has been beautifully executed.

Possibly the most iconic part of the campaign is the video they released, which is an ode to the 70s and 80s. 


Even the photographs that go along with this are mesmerizing. 

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


They beautifully captured the feel of that time period. 

Just look at how on point the decor behind the models is.

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


Fahad Hussayn and his team aim to showcase all the celebrations and the festivities of the time. 

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


From the dulhan’s friends antics to the groom’s side and their bhangras, they covered it all.

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


Heck, they even got the infamous khana shots. 

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


However, they somehow managed to make it look cute.

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


I know I’m repeating myself, but the decor and the attention to detail are jaw-dropping!

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram



They nailed the tent perfectly, only making the entire set up more convincing. 

Source: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram


Out of the most recent campaigns and shoots to come out, this Fahad Hussayn one stands out from the rest for them for its unique concept and execution. What do you think of the collection and the campaign?

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 Cover Photo Courtesy: @officialfahadhussayn / Instagram

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