Eyewitnesses Of Tezgam Express Just Came Forward Saying Shaikh Rashid Lied About Gas Cylinders Being The Cause

By Sarmad Amer | 31 Oct, 2019

Eyewitnesses of Tezgam incident just refuted Sheikh Rashid’s statement

Earlier today Tezgam Express, on its way from Karachi to Rawalpindi, caught fire. More than 70 passengers at the time of publishing this post have reportedly passed away in the fire and the number is continuing to rise.


Sheikh Rashid, the Minister of Railways, in his statement put the responsibility of the fire on the passengers of Tezgam

In a video message, Sheikh Rashid appeared to imply that members of the Tableeghi Jamaat may have been responsible. He stated that there were two gas cylinders on the train and they caught fire leading to the tragedy.

In his statement he also announced Rs. 15 lac /- for the deceased and Rs. 5 lac/- for the injured.


Eyewitnesses of Tezgam fire have come forward refuting the statement made by Shaikh Rashid

According to eyewitnesses an air conditioner short circuit caused the tragedy and there were no staff members on the train to immediately tackle the fire before it expanded to engulf three different carriages and take more than 70 lives.


People are already furious at Sheikh Rashid, demanding his resignation and these words by the Eyewitnesses of Tezgam incident are adding fuel to the fire

Excuse the bad pun.


Eyewitnesses of Tezgam incident appear to confirm rumors that short-circuiting may be the cause of the fire and not, as Shaikh Rashid said, cylinders catching fire


People are also calling out the hypocrisy of the Government for demanding immediate resignations from previous Government officials when tragedies like this happened in their tenure and not holding themselves responsible when it’s their own turn

Tragedies like these should not be used for political pettiness and point scoring because this not only takes away from the actual conversation about rehabilitation of victims of such incidents, it is also very crass. Government authorities should act more responsibly and be prepared to immediately mitigate such incidents if and when they happen.


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Cover image via: infopakistani.pk / gulfnews.com

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