15 Types Of Ex Boyfriends Every Pakistani Girl Has Had

By Haadia Paracha | 21 Jul, 2017

We’ve all been in love. That fleeting feeling of finishing each other’s sentences. The time when your day starts with a “good morning” text from that special someone and you basically go to sleep with thoughts of them.

Ah, love.

According to the greatest fukboi we’ve grown up with, thanks to Bollywood romances etc

Source: Dharma Productions/Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Magar, even in this greatest romance, Rahul breaks Anjali’s heart into a million pieces and that’s basically every ex you’ve had ever.

Here are all the types of exes every Pakistani girl has had ever:


1. Snek:

Source: Jan Sevcik Via: Nature Photo


2. Yes, you heard me right.

Source: wikimedia.org


3. Nothing, but, ???

Source: nationalgeographic.com

All of them are just sneks…


4. When they promise you the world and then leave you crying. ???

Source: huffingtonpost.com

All exes ever.


5. When they tell you their love for you equals infinity but it’s just more lies… ???

Source: maryland.gov

Because you can’t hurt someone you love THAT much.


6. The time when your ex said you were the only one for him but then he was also cheating on you with four other women. ???

Via: Youtube

Fukboi to the max.


7. The time your ex made a mistake and when you called him out on it, he made you think it was your fault instead of apologizing. ???

Source: Dupage Forest

And you’re the one saying, “sorry”????????????


8. The time your ex forgot your birthday?????????? ???

Source: louisiana.gov

Or forgot to make you feel like the princess that you are on your birthday…


9. The time when you thought you met a nice guy and he wouldn’t hurt you but he was chameleon AF and a total heartbreaker. ???

Via: Pinterest


10. The one guy who said he can’t send over his parents cuz you’re too “modern” for his family after dating you for years. ???

Source: bbc.com


11. The guy who got back together with his ex after dumping you. ???

Source: John White Via: esf.edu

Boy you can change your colors but I can still see through you.


12. The guy who was a total chauvinist and told you you shouldn’t be wearing a certain kind of clothes… ???

Source: wikihow.com


13. That crazy dude who went through your texts and social media inboxes to see if he could “trust” you. ???

Via: Pinterest


14. The ex who wanted you to send him ~pictures~ even when you explicitly said no. ???

Source: defenders.org


15. The one who pointed out your physical flaws to make you feel insecure AF when he wasn’t even “All THAT”. ???

Source: sott.net

Have you had any of these exes?


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