Ladies, Here Are 15 Questions To Ask The Guy If Aunty Jee Brings Her Son To The Rishta Meet

By Haadia Paracha | 27 Jul, 2017

Rishta meet-ups are a whole lotta awkward. It’s scrutiny to the max as soon as you enter the room, with or without the chaaye. Your face, your tameez and your body are heavily analyzed and most of the times, it’s through the eyes of your potential saas. Iss sub ke dauran you have no idea who the guy is and what he’s like. If you’re lucky, the man himself accompanies his amma but even then, there are stolen glances. But, if by luck or design, you get a chance to speak to the rishta aunty’s laadla beta, you find yourself stuck on conversation topics.

Don’t worry ladies, we’ve got you.

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Here are some very, VERY important questions you can ask the potential husband-to-be on a rishta meet-up:


1. Are you actually interested or are you only doing this to please your ammi?

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This is the most important question of all. Sometimes, the mama’s boys accompany their ammi jaan so they don’t have to deal with the Q & A. It’s better to get this out of the way instead of weeks of uninterested conversations before you find out he’s either not ready or trying to stall until the secret girlfriend is all in.


2. Which shows do you watch?

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Bohot zaruri hai yaar. Taste ka sawaal hai. Netflix ki subscription ka sawaal hai.


3. What’s your favorite movie of all time?

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Wohi baat jo ooper ki hai.


4. Do you have a big social circle?

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This is a trick question. If he has a big social circle and both guy and girl buddies, chances are he won’t be a dick about you wanting to hang out with your friends. And you can also have double dates or hang out with each other’s friends which is frankly THE BEST THING EVER. Also, yay mixed mehndi dances.


5. Are you into social media at all?

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Yes: Is he more self-obsessed than you are?

No: Is he going to limit your social media posts?


6. What are your future plans?

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Have to balance out your serious questions with the not-so-serious ones. This one is to gauge whether he’s ambitious or laid back.


7. Do you like to travel?

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Travel is a milestone for some, for others it can be a nuisance. You have to make sure you match each other’s frequencies here. What if your bucket list has Cuba and he just dreams of being on the couch?


8. Can you cook?


Rishta meet-ups usually revolve around the girls being asked, “khaana acha bana leti hogi na?

But what if your guy cooking for you is a huge turn on? Don’t shy away.


9. What are some reservations you have regarding marriage?

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This is a tough one. Agar chance milay tou pooch lein werna hold off until the second or third meeting.


10. What are your fears regarding marriage?

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Legitimate question. Some fears are generic but others are owing to troubles you’ve seen in relationships around you.


11. What’s the biggest deal breaker for you?

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If he says stuff like, “being too modern” or “working women”, you know what you gotta do.


12. Have you ever been in a relationship?


Might be tricky on the first meeting but if you’re bold and “no bs”, I say go for it. If he’s into a zero meter biwi and you’ve had love interests in the past, this is the perfect opportunity to air dirty laundry.


13. What kind of music do you enjoy?





14. Where do you plan to settle?

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Kabhi kabhar the guy plans on relocating to Australia or come back to Pakistan and you should see if you’re up for that instead of having issues later on.


15. Are you a feminist?

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The only question that matters in the 21st century.


Good luck, sisterrrrrr.

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Hope you find your dulhay raja! Good luck.


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