We Asked People To Show Us The Madness At Sapphire Sale And Here Are The Best Ones

By Hurmat Riaz | 21 Jul, 2017

Shopping is something that most of the women enjoy even when they know that they don’t need anymore clothes, shoes, bags, etc. When it’s sale season, all aunties go crazy around the malls and raid the outlets as if it’s the purge.

Source: Seasme Workshop


Remember in 2015 when Sapphire put a sale on all of its item and Pakistani aunties went gaga over it?


Well, that show down is happening this year, as well.

Source: Asad Riaz

Sapphire has a 50% off sale this year

MID SUMMER SALE at Sapphire continues in-stores. Flat 50% off on all items. What are you waiting for? Head out now and enjoy the amazing discounts!

Posted by Sapphire on Freitag, 21. Juli 2017

And aunties have literally gone crazy

Source: Emporium Mall / Facebook


Like this line at Emporium Mall that keeps going on and on…

Source: Emporium Mall / Facebook


… and on

Source: Emporium Mall / Facebook


Check out the scene at Dolmen Mall, Karachi

Source: Metronome / Facebook


Matlab scene on hai full time! Anything can happen guys

Source: Anushka Nasim Ahmedd


But on social media have A LOT of opinions about aunties and their interest in shopping

Via: Facebook


Some are confused over awaam’s obsession with Sapphire.

Via: Facebook


Ohhh.. not cool, bro.

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Whatever the people may say, aunties are out in full force

Source: Iqra Ch


And so are our crazy mangoes, snapping the madness for you and us

Source: Balaj Alamtab


But we’re still waiting to see THE LAWN WAR from the mad sale

Source: MangoBaaz / YouTube


Send us videos of the crazy scene and we’ll select the best ones to share with the whole world

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