Photos From “Kaptaan” Have Resurfaced & We Wonder Kiya Ye Bhi Tabdeeli Ki Tarha Kabhi Nahi Ayegi

By Iman Zia | 21 Jul, 2017

Kaptaan the movie has been in the making for possibly the longest time. Based on the life of Imran Khan, it was touted as a biopic of sorts when it initially went into production. Imran Khan, himself, is such a popular figure that a movie on his life is certainly not out of question. But scant details have come out about what exactly the film entailed… until now that is.


Pictures have emerged from the film ‘Kaptaan,’ all which are such close depictions of the real Kaptaan that it’s absolutely mind-boggling

Source: Hummingbird Studio


They show actors playing Imran Khan and his first wife, Jemima and we’re actually blown by how alike they look

It remains to be seen, though, if these actors can act as well and do justice to such revered figures in the Pakistani culture.



The actress Saeeda Imtiaz only somewhat resemble Jemima, it’s Abdul Manan who’s unearthly resemblance to Imran Khan is so striking

Source: Hummingbird Studio

The film will also unravel Imran’s life as he returns to Pakistan with then-wife Jemima

The film will relive a younger epoch in the couple’s lives that will illustrate their courageous unity and dizzying separation.

Source: Hummingbird Studio


We do have to say one thing though, like the actual Khan’s tabdeeli in the country, this film has been a long time coming without actual substance turning up

Having been announced in 2011, these images keep circulating every now and then. The movie keeps getting delayed, with the last announcement for release having been in April 2017. But it hasn’t happened yet.

Source: Hummingbird Studio

These are the only pictures to surface of the highly anticipated film. More details are yet to surface, where we will be updating you. Are you excited about the film?

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