Everything We Know About A Model Accusing Designer Zainab Salman Of Mistreatment

By Iman Zia | 26 Jul, 2019

A few days ago, Pakistani model Marvi Shabbir uploaded a video on her Instagram account accusing designer Zainab Salman and her team of mistreatment and profound unprofessionalism during a shoot in Khanpur. The video released detailed allegations of misconduct, refusal of payment and verbal abuse on set.

Shabbir allegedly arrived on set at 4 a.m. and was refused food or water. When asked about payment before shooting for the video shoot, designer Zainab and her team allegedly verbally abused her and threatened the model.

Shabbir relayed everything in both a video and written statement that also mentioned a harrowing moment where she was attempting to change her clothes but was subjected to severe violation of privacy; “they asked me to change in the room but I decided to change in the bathroom for privacy, they kept banging on the door while I changed.”


The model also relayed how she was refused to be dropped back home and pleaded with Zainab’s team to help her in which instead they humiliated her.

She states that cab rides were not available in the area at that time. However, the videographer and fellow model on-set agreed to drop her near LUMS. Zainab was, according to Shabbir, nowhere to be found during this time. After arriving back home and trying to get in touch with Zainab’s team for full payment, the model claimed they only transferred half of the full sum, in a way to “silence” her.


We reached out to Zainab Salman for a statement and were sent in a response by the designer in which all allegations made were dismissed as false.

The designer denied all accusations made, stating that the model was catered to in every need despite her lack of energy (she had previously just wrapped up a 24-hour shoot); “I can assure you that everybody on set, from the photographer to the makeup artist, everyone present was being cooperative and supportive given she was extremely exhausted and wasn’t her hundred percent that day.”

Source: Zainab Salman


The photographer (Zahra Sarfaraz) allegedly tried working with Shabbir but apparently could not form a relationship on-set with the model.

Zainab went on to share screenshots of her team coordinating with Shabbir prior to the shoot, stating that the model was fully aware of the location and time of the shoot. After the shoot came to a halt, Zainab allegedly asked Shabbir to return home in her car, but the latter refused. The designer’s manager then reached out to the videographer to drop her home. In response to the payment accusation, Zainab stated that Shabbir was given the full payment the very next day.

Source: Zainab Salman


“These false accusations have caused immense damage to my reputation and whatever I’m stating in my video is backed up with evidence,” said Zainab.

Here is the designer’s full written statement:


This is a developing story. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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