Everyone's Making The Same Joke After Rumors Of Prince William Cheating On Kate Spread Last Night

By Manahil | 26 Apr, 2019

Ah, the royal family has once again buzzed our radar. But this time, you’re probably shocked to find out it’s not about Megan Markle and Prince Harry, but actually about Prince William and Kate.


So, rumors circulated last night that Prince William, second in line to the British throne and first born of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, cheated on his wife Kate Middleton

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Despite their fairytale of a wedding, rumor has it that William has been up to some funny business. Allegedly, he cheated on Kate Middleton with her close friend Rose Hanbury.


Okay, first thing’s first, who’s this woman he is alleged to have cheated on his wife with?

Don’t worry, we had the same question. Rose Hanbury is the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, basically this means she’s part of the British elite. And if you still don’t know what that means (it’s okay, neither did we), you can take her as any other prominent socialite. The relationship between the two families goes back as far as Queen Elizabeths’s wedding, where Rose’s grandmother, Lady Elizabeth Longman, was one of Queen Elizabeth’s bridesmaids in 1947. Yep – safe to say – a while.

Kate and William’s Anmer Hall country home is very close to Rose’s home and they are part of the same social circle. And therefore, tabloids specifically referred to Rose as Kate’s “rural rival” because she lives in the countryside.


Back in March, tabloids reported that the two friends, Kate and the woman William is alleged to have cheated on Kate with, were drifting apart. But what even happened???

Allegedly, Kate said that Rose needs to be “phased out” as one of the ­couple’s closest confidantes. Even Prince William tried to play as peacemaker between the two, but Kate wasn’t having it. OK, sis… It’s not entirely known what exactly happened between the two but it is known that they were once very close, but not so much anymore. Sounds super iffy if you ask me.

source: thesun.co.uk


People weren’t even surprised that this isn’t the first time this sort of scandal has happened in the Royal family

All of you know about the infamous cheating scandals between Princess Diana and Prince Charles and it seems like no one’s surprised that this went down.


People’s jokes are INSANE


And my personal favorite

Honestly, no one but Kate, William, and Rose know what really happened. But British tabloids should be careful as they’ve already apparently been hit with legal documents regarding this scandal. Eh, can anyone blame the royal family for being so cautious? Didn’t end too well with Diana 🙁


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