These Leaked Photos Of “Meghan Markle” And “Kate Middleton” In A Fight Are The Best Thing Since The Royal Wedding

By Biya Haq | 5 Mar, 2019


Since her fairytale wedding last year, Meghan Markle has truly been living a charmed life.

Source: W Magazine

Travelling the world with her (literal) Prince Charming Harry, kissing babies and cradling her own royal one in her tummy which will be due any minute.

But of course, as all fairytales have it, there can’t be a happy ending without an evil stepsister (in-law). Yep, KATE MIDDLETON PEOPLE.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Just kidding, Kate Middleton is probably the loveliest person none of us actually know and she is adored for it.

Coming from humble beginnings, her romance with her own Prince William (the OG heartthrob), the Duchess won the hearts of many all over the world, just as her Mother-in-law the late Princess Diana did.

And though all of this makes it seem like they’re all living their best joint-family lives in Buckingham Palace, images of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle in a full-on catfight were leaked, recently,

Oof and just yikes.

^ Good chokehold though.

Lmao, okay okay. These images are obviously not real and were taken by British photographer Alison Jackson who is famous for producing mock photos of the Royals and other celebrities.

According to Jackson’s website, Alison is a BAFTA and multi-award-winning artist who ‘explores the cult of celebrity.’ She creates scenarios that we all may have thought up of or imagined given the supposed personalities of these celebrities.

It is interesting because no matter how well you think you know your favourite celebrity, you realize that you may not know them at all.

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Don’t always believe what you see… Fabulous fun shoot last week with these three famous faces….or are they Posted @withrepost • @theprinceharrylookalike 'Prince Harry', 'Meghan' and 'Kate Moss' are seen arriving for London Fashion Week in a taxi by Photographer Alison Jackson. Image featured in @thesun @alisonjacksonartist @sarahjayraie . . . #harry #princeharry #meghan #alisonjackson #doublefake #leicestersquaretheatre #meghanmarkle #rhyswhittock #royals #londonfashionweek #princeharrylookalike #lookalike #buckinghampalace #london #royalbaby #katemiddleton #princewilliam #thequeen #kensington #dukeofsussex #duchessofsussex #rhyswhittock #event #eventplanner #babyshower #princeharryandmeghan #thesun #party #alisonjackson #model #supermodel #fashionweek

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Rumours around the difficult relationship of Meghan and Kate have always been present, yet with no real proof to well, prove anything, we’re all just a bunch of sitting ducks.

And no matter how good of a reality show the Royal Family would make, we don’t know any of the real inside details of the fam and probably will never considering their security and publicity teams alone could probably protect an entire nation.

None the less, it doesn’t get more entertaining than this.

Have you seen the images on social media? Wondering if the Royals have? Same. Let us know what you think in the comments below, Love you.

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Cover photo source: MarieClaireAustralia/TheMirror.Co.UK

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