Future Dulhans, Here's EVERYTHING You'll Need For Your Wedding Night

By Aam Nawab | 9 Feb, 2019

There are a million things you have to stress about when you’re about to get married. From the clothes, jewelry, to the venue and decor – your mind is in constant chaos throughout. In the mayhem, you might forget to pack some important things for your wedding night.

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We’ve made it easy for you and made a little bridal checklist for all the things you’ll need on that special night.


1. Makeup remover and wipes

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The most important thing is probably makeup remover. With the layers and layers of makeup you have on, it’s going to be a real struggle to take it all off. Wipes, cotton balls, makeup remover, coconut oil, – bring it all sis.


2. Face wash + Moisturizer

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After you take off all of the layers of makeup, make sure you follow up with your everyday cleanser. You probably have your walima the next day and need your skin to look its best. After cleansing, make sure you moisturize.


3. Toothbrush

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For obvious reasons….you don’t want gandi breath that night.


4. Pouches for jewelry

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Taking care of your wedding jewelry is a big responsibility. Ask your jeweler to give you some pouches along with the jewelry boxes so that you have an easy way to store your jewelry for the night. If you’re staying in a hotel put the pouch into the room’s safe and if you’re staying at a house find a safe and secure place to store it.


5. Conditioner/shampoo/coconut oil

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Chances are your hairdresser has teased and backcombed your hair so much that you resemble a poodle….and not a cute one. Once you’ve taken out all of your bobby/joora pins, head to the shower sis. Teased hair is extremely breakable so be very gentle and use conditioner and oil to get your hair back to normal.


6. Body wash

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Since your hair is already wet, might as well shower. Bring along your favorite body wash because your husband probably uses bar soap.


7. Towel

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Am I the only one who is weird about using other people’s towels? No? Okay then bring your own towel.


8. Body lotion

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You want to be as moisturized as possible and lotion will leave you soft and smelling wonderful.


9. Hairbrush and elastics

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You’ll probably want to brush out your tangled mane and/or put your hair in a nice bun before you see your lover.


10. Your clothes for the night

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Time to put on your nightdress, pajamas or a baby-doll dress – whatever you’re comfortable in. Just don’t forget it.


11. Lingerie

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If you’re into it, you can even deck out in lingerie.


12. Some type of gas relief

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Stress does weird things to your body, trust me. Make sure you come prepared with some GasX or Gaviscon in case you need it.

13. Sanitary pads/tampons

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You may be on your period on your wedding night, or like I said, stress does weird things to your body. Come prepared.


14. Lube and/or condoms

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If you and your partner plan on sealing the deal on this night, then come prepared. Have a conversation about contraception before the wedding and if you both are down, bring lube. Otherwise, go to sleep sis.


15. Snacks

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Chances are you didn’t eat anything at your wedding and probably were too stressed to eat before. Pack yourself some snacks and drinks.

16. Money

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After you eat all of those snacks you’ll probably still be hungry so keep extra money to order a pizza.

17. An extra pair of clothes

Look. Whichever way the night goes, pack extra clothes, okay? Wherever you are, hygiene is still important. Saaf suthra phir bhi rehna hai.


What would you pack with you? If you’re a bride to be or just planning ahead, save this post for future use.


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