Eva Zu Beck, The PIA Kiki Challenge Girl, Has Left Pakistan And Fans Are Heartbroken

By Noor | 12 Jun, 2019

Eva Zu beck left Pakistan leaving a lot of her fans sad

Eva Zu Beck became famous as the ‘PIA Kiki challenge girl‘ and since then she became a fixture in Pakistan as travel vlogger. From being a part of PIA’s Kiki challenge to being a brand ambassador for campaigns with Jazz and Samsung, Eva was everywhere.


So, while you were all busy celebrating Eid, Eva Zu Beck shared about why she’s leaving Pakistan for her new journey

In her post, Eva mentioned that it is a REALLY big step but she wants to give a fresh start to the things. She said that she has decided to leave Pakistan and has packed all the stuff that is really close to her heart. Eva stated that she has been living for the past year in Islamabad and now is the time to move back to Europe.

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Today, I made a pretty big step. I am starting afresh. I decided to ship all my accrued belongings from Pakistan back to Europe. I decided to leave what was my base in Islamabad for the last year. Decided to take the challenge of packing only my essential possessions – mainly clothes and filming equipment – into a single bag, for a period of time I want to neither decide on nor plan for. Decided to go back to living on the road full-time, indefinitely and with no plans to stop or return anywhere. I can partly blame Kahlil Gibran for this: “Verily, the lust for comfort murders the passion of the soul, and then walks grinning in the funeral.” These words shook me awake a few days ago. I realised that I was starting to make shortcuts in my Dream in order to make space for comfort and a sense of security. In having a base, in relationships, in material possessions. But my Dream never sought stability – it was always about fluidity, minimalism, being in motion, lost in the infinity of our world. That’s where I’m returning. In the coming months, my travels will take me to some of the most remote reaches of my favourite regions, from my dear Pakistan to Afghanistan, Syria to Kazakhstan, to the steppes and peaks of Central Asia. But this time once again, I will go lightly, in search of discomfort. And I hope you’re coming with me 💛✨ Eid Mubarak, happy endings and new beginnings!

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Eva quoted Khalil Gibran and wrote, “Verily, the lust for comfort murders the passion of the soul, and then walks grinning in the funeral.” She said that these words made her realize that while following her dreams, she was looking for shortcuts to attain comfort and security. She also mentioned that she tried to find refuge in relationships and material possessions which was not what she wanted to do.

She said that wants to get lost in the infinity of the world and thus she’s returning to what her dream actually demands of her. She also stated that she will be adhering to the principles like minimalism, fluidity and will not seek stability instead will always be in motion.


While revealing her future plans, Eva mentioned that she’ll be traveling to the remote areas of Afghanistan, Syria, and Kazakhstan

She mentioned her desire to explore Central Asia soon.

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While making the Skardu travel vlog, @iamkhandanish and I realized that we could make a beautiful piece of content using a smartphone. But the lessons were far more detailed. Here's some of what I learned during the process. 1. Set your camera's resolution HIGH – what looks good on a smartphone screen may not look great during the edit stage on your computer! On the Galaxy S10+ you can shoot in 4k UHD at 60fps which is very cool. 2. Get creative with your angles. What a smartphone may lack in depth of field or zoom, it makes up for in terms of lightness and portability. You can easily shoot from almost any angle, so use it! 3. Be wary of the "hand shake" – wobbliness can spoil your footage. You can use mobile gimbals but the S10+ does have a SuperSteady video feature, which helps with this issue. The truth is, you CAN make a perfectly beautiful piece of content using a smartphone. The most important thing is to get creative and tell a story that's important to you in terms that are relatable to your audience. 😊 Go for it! #GalaxyS10Plus #SuperSteady #HDR10Plus Photo by @iamkhandanish

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She concluded her post by wishing Eid Mubarak to all. Eva said that she knows that her audience will be following her thus she wished them happy endings and new beginnings.


Right now, she’s based in Lebanon and has been updating her fans with her whereabouts

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Lebanon isn’t just Beirut, ruins and beaches. Lebanon 🇱🇧 is also stunning mountains, valleys and countryside. With the very limited time I had to explore, I decided to rent a car and experience this side of the country. I found tiny Christian villages dotted across the landscape, waterfalls and granite peaks, shepherds grazing their animals in the pastures, elderly gentlemen sipping tea by the roadside, and cedar forests that smell like the essence of everything natural. Alone in the car, I turned up the music and put my foot down on the winding mountain roads. The road eventually led me to this spectacular sight: the Baatara Gorge, a stunning waterfall that spills itself over three levels of rock. Isn’t the world quite beautiful? Thanks @robertmichaelpoole for the location tip! 📸: I set up the camera and asked a stranger to press the shutter when I said “go!” Easy! . . . #lebanon #lebanesewanderers #lebanon🇱🇧 #lebanontimes #lebanonshots #mylebanon #dametraveler #voyaged #9gag #uniladadventure

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People are sharing how sad they are to see Eva leaving, they mentioned that Pakistan will miss her

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Source: @evazubeck/Instagram


People from other countries are inviting her to visit them

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And, everyone did not forget to tell Eva that she is glowing in all her recent pictures

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So, will you miss Eva too? Let us know in the comments below.


Check out our candid chat with Eva


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