13 Of The Most Epic Shaadi Moments Ever

13 Of The Most Epic Shaadi Moments Ever

Shaadi photos aren’t always the most exciting thing – everyone strikes the same pose while the cameraman’s light sears into your eyes. For the most part, the pictures turn out decent and end up in a wedding photo album. Unfortunately, some overwhelmed brides and grooms took some very interesting pictures on their wedding day that were pretty outrageous. These unusual moments are sure to give any sane person laughter fits.


1. This couple took the shaadi photo shoot affair a bit too seriously and came up with this creative and innovative idea.

Via: Sarcasmistan


2. When whatever this is happening happened



3. This couple went beyond the creativity boundary and introduced the world to this masterpiece.

In all seriousness, this is pretty shitty (pun intended).

Source: Twitter

4. However, they still couldn’t beat this.

Is the guy trying to run away? Is this a precursor to domestic violence in this relationship???

Source: Pinterest


5. And the list of creative couples doesn’t seem to come to an end.

Is she bored with married life already?

Source: Pinterest


6. Theme party or a shaadi?

Either way, the force is strong in this couple…

Source: 9gag


7. And then there’s this photo that your friends and family want to see.

You know, because they want all the details.

Source: xitclub


8. This couple couldn’t decide between staying back home for ‘qurbani or getting married.

Source: instagram

9. I pity this groom though

Have a look at how the groom made it to the stage without stumbling but…


10. This groom was injured before he reached the venue where his bride was waiting for him. Poor guy…


11. This bride didn’t see this coming.


12. Then there are brides like these:

13. And grooms like these:

Let us know in the comments section if there’s something you’d add to this list.

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