17 Beautifully Eloquent Urdu Words You DEFINITELY Need To Use More Everyday

By Lyba Ali | 23 Jul, 2018

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. The word Urdu was first used by the poet Ghulam Hamadani Mushafi in 1780. It is a language of eloquence, grace, and beauty. The language that defines literature, prose, and poetry. A language that is powerful and full of grandeur. So, here are a few words to use in your everyday life to bring back the elegance of speech as we knew it.

1. Sahil

Source: Lyba Ali

2. Faani

Source: Lyba Ali

3. Dilkash

Source: Lyba Ali/@liakurashvili

4. Tamaniyat

Source: Lyba Ali


5. Millat

Source: Lyba Ali/Michael Tompsett

6. Bosa

Source: Lyba Ali

7. Bebaak

Source: Lyba Ali

8. Talkh

Source: Lyba Ali/Ars Thanea

9. Suroor

Source: Lyba Ali

10. Zood Fehm

Source: Lyba Ali/Amy Sherald

11. Nizaam Shamsi

Source: Lyba Ali

12. Ruhaani

Source: Lyba Ali

13. Mehtaab

Source: Lyba Ali/Michael Creese

14. Aabshaar

Source: Lyba Ali

15. Mayassar

Source: Lyba Ali

16. Takhayyul

Source: Lyba Ali/Disney

17. Uzr

Source: Lyba Ali/@aabbiidd


Let us know what you think and share other words we could integrate into our everyday life to perfect our way of speech, and keep the richness and culture of the language alive.


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