If You Can Get At Least 80% On This Quiz, You're An Urdu Slang Master

By Kashaf | 14 Mar, 2018

Let’s see if you’re an Urdu slang master 


Do you know how the young people of Pakistan are actually speaking these days?

Via: Tumblr


Language is an ever evolving thing

Via: Tumblr


Things that were the norm in the times of our parents aren’t the norm now

Source: Oriental Films


Slang is one way how any language develops and kids are the biggest inventors for this

urdu slang 1
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So we decided to check if you know as much Urdu slang as you think you do

Whether you’re a burger or a hardcore desi, doesn’t really matter because in front of slang language we’re all the same.

Via: Tumblr

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a hankerin’ for being in the know about the latest lingo. But understanding the language of teenagers can be very difficult at times. How well do you actually know Urdu slang? So sit down and answer these 18 questions to see if you have what it takes to pass as a real Urdu language master. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you don’t pass!


Take this quiz to see if you really are an Urdu slang master

Now we don’t claim that this is the final word on the Urdu language because, after all, language is an ever evolving thing and you may not know some of these slang words. It’s okay if you don’t but to those of you who get the perfect score, this will be an opportunity to flex your slang master status.

What did you get? Let us know in the comments below if you are an Urdu slang master or not.


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