13 People Who Are Way Too Obsessed With All The Eidi They Got

13 People Who Are Way Too Obsessed With All The Eidi They Got

Eidi is a very important tradition for Eid ul Fitr. It is, after all, something that everyone who isn’t married or has the heart of a child looks forward to as soon as the men are back from Eid namaz and you’re all sitting together, dressed up.

These 13 people are slightly more obsessed with their Eidi collection than the average person. Enjoy:


1. Like this one who wanted Eidi as soon as the day began

Couldn’t even wait for the sun to rise properly.


2. And this one who made sure EVERYONE who came to visit them brought them some


3. This guy will do anything to get it from every single person he can extract it from

4. And this one was loaded after looting her family for Eidi


5. This person resorted to threatening with deadlines

Whoa, thora hath hola rakho madam jee.


6. This girl had a message for all the rishteydaar who show up at her door without Eidi


7. This one has found their favorite mamu

Chanda mama aye hain, dhair saari Eidi layein hain.


8. And this guy has some sage advice about anyone thinking of giving bae some Eidi

Bae hai, bae-ti nahi.


9. This person’s mom just trolled her with the most Pakistani mom thing ever


10. Moms are really picking up their trolling game around here


11. This dude speaks for all of us


12. There was this person who was confused about what “Eidi” even is


13. And then there was this one who really misses her Eidi


So, boys and girls, how much stash did you collect?


Cover Image via: thenews.com.pk


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