This Is What Eid Shopping In Pakistan Looks Like For Guys vs Girls

By Mehak Imtiaz | 28 Jun, 2016

Eid is just around the corner, which means getting dressed up to go meet your rishtedar and cashing in on some much awaited eidi. But looking all glamorous on Eid requires a whole lot of work, like spending the whole of Ramazan finding that perfect jora.


For guys, Eid shopping goes 3 ways:

1. Buying a stitched kurta

You  quickly pick the first nice kurta you see so you can get it over it.

Source: Dharma Productions


2. Getting a suit stitched

You decide on a color of cloth you want and give it to your darzi and tell him you need it back before Eid.

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3. Leaving it to your mom/biwi


You’ll wear whatever, ain’t got time for no hassle.


That all seems easy enough.

For women, the Eid struggle is much more real:

It starts off with raiding the stores


The end of Ramazan means the stores are open till sehri, the aunty squad is on full force, the roads are blocked, and the unfortunate drivers are stuck on duty.


You have to find the perfect outfit

You go to all the designer outlets and hope to find something that you like. This may seem like an easy enough task but going through the hordes of aunties to get your hands on what you need is a true struggle. And even then when you still can’t find what you want in your size or color then the frustration is very real.



Then you have to find the perfect shalwar with your kurta

When you finally find that perfect kurta, you now have to find something to wear with it and hope that you can find it in a matching color.

Tulip Shalwar
Source: ayeshabaig198 / Pinterest


And there, you have your outfit!



But what happens when you can’t find something in prêt wear?

You start raiding the un-stitched sections


Hopefully digging through the countless spools of embroidered cloth ends with you picking out something you love. Which is great, but now the real struggle begins:


Then you take ten thousand trips to your darzi

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You need to get that dress stitched just the way you want it and you warn your darzi not to eff it up.


And you throw shade after shade after shade at him

Source: Pathé Distribution

So you furiously yell at him to fix it up and have it back to you on time. He reassures you, “ho jayega, baji,” and sends you on your merry way.

But, of course,


The darzi doesn’t give your stuff back on time

At this point, you want to chop this guy’s balls off and feed them to your dog. You patiently hold in the stream of gaaliyan that sprout to your mind and tell him you’re going to be back in an hour, after getting your dupatta peeko-ed, and he better have it ready by then. Or else.

Source: Black Dog Films

After the tenth trip, he finally gives you back your suit.


But after all the hassle you finally have your Eid ka jora

Source: Hum Network Limited

The countless trips were worth the final result. And now all you have to do is find some matching jewelry, shoes and maybe some churiyan, and get that mehndi ready. You are now ready to dazzle everyone like the goddess that you are as you get that cash money lining up, and maybe even get a rishta or two.

Good luck with your shopping, ladies. May the lawn Gods be ever in your favor.


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