13 Intense Struggles Only People Celebrating Eid Away From Ghar Can Truly Understand

By Minaal Shamimi | 5 Jul, 2016

Eid away from home is a heartbreaker

It’s that time of year again when everyone rushes off home to their loved ones for Eid celebrations and long lost families get together for grand dances on Bole Chooriyaan… oh wait, that’s just Bollywood. Oh well, Eid is still a festive time.

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Except you. Nope, not this time. Some of you may be spending Eid away from the rest of your folks. Somewhere in the land far, far away where, trying to make a better life.

Whatever the reasons may be, it’s during this time you realize that, despite the arguments, ‘constructive’ criticism (Seriously, phupho jaan?) and loud hoopla, you really could have done with some family time on Eid.


1. Starting with missing all that special treatment your family gives you the moment you arrive home. 

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Cue lots of hugs and smooches and FOOD.


2. While also trying to deal with the overwhelming disappointment of not getting any Eidi or Gosht… or worse, both.

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No fam’ to dole out that ruppaiya this year.


3. Or not being able to do that necessary last-minute Eid shopping with your family.

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No creepy dukaandaar to offer putting chooriyan on your gorey naazuk haath either.


4. Not having your mom shout at you in the morning to get your ass off the bed for Eid prayers.

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Come on, you know you secretly love Eid Mubarak-ing the neighborhood folks at your local masjid. (Or just finding solidarity when you spot another guy dozing off during the mullah’s sermon).


5. Not having sawaiyan, kheer or anything meetha that only your ammi jaan can make perfectly.

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6. Plus, not being able to out-dress that snooty cousin with your killer Eid outfit.

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7. Also, really, NO EIDI?!

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8. Not getting to check out all the local bwoys in shalwar kameez.

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9. Missing out on the late-night hang-out with all your cousins i.e. the REAL Eid party.

bizarre childhood beleifs
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10. Did I mention there would be no Eidi?

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11. Trying not to feel all the feels when you look at everyone’s shiny Eid pictures on Insta.

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12. So you end up watching Shan Masala’s Ramazan ad again because DAMMIT THEY KNOW HOW I FEEL.

And on that note, we wish you a very happy Eid.


13. And there’s always Skype to take you home, virtually

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Here’s to all of you in pardes, Eid mubarak folks.


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Cover image via: AFP / Dawn.com

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