12 Reasons My Love Affair With Mangoes Is Unstoppable

By The Mango Tree | 4 Jul, 2016

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By: Mahvish Faizaan Ahmad


I am having an affair.

There. I said it. I have been having this affair since my childhood and I could not rein my heart’s desires even after I got married, even after I had my daughter. This love affair goes back to the time when I was very young, when he used to come to visit every summer. When it used to be too hot to play outside, we’d stay indoors, together, and enjoyed the afternoons in the thandak of the desi cooler. He was absent throughout the year and while most people dreaded the harsh Lahori summers, I waited intently, for the return of my love. I used to miss him. And today, let me reveal, his name is ‘Mango’ and he’s yellow, and terribly juicy.

Source: feed.pk

So how can you be on a hot date with my Mango? I took a sinfully indulgent trip around Lahore and here’s what I’ve got for you (don’t hate me if you put on a few kilos after you take this trip yourself – the fat accumulation will be the result of pure love).


Having the aam the aam way.

Honestly, my favorite way to enjoy a mango is on its own. Not by dicing it into respectable cubes and then using a fork, but going for it the desi way, scooping it out from the chilka with my teeth. The more disgusting the session, the more the fun. And of course, the guthli. Aah the guthli. That’s just got to be mine, and I do not sacrifice it for anyone! If you can touch things after your mango session without making them repulsively sticky, trust me, you have failed majorly at enjoying your aam.

Source: dostpakistan.pk


Mango Milkshake

What better cooler can there be to calm your nerves in the summer? I love mango milkshake. I can have it for breakfast, for lunch, at tea time and for dinner. Basically, I am up for this treat anytime, anywhere. I sometimes dream about it too. It fills up my senses. For a really nice dose of mango milkshake, go to Iceland and enjoy bliss in just Rs.210. (Secret be told: I do an amazing job at making mango milkshake. I’m better than Iceland, but not as good as my mum.)

Source: Recipe Hubs


Mango Ice Cream from Chaman

One of my fondest memories from childhood when summer vacations were all about late night trips to Beadon Road and chaman ki mango ice cream. No other place does better mango ice cream in Lahore than Chaman and you cannot call yourself a pakka Lahori if you haven’t indulged in this sensation religiously throughout your life. Each spoonful is packed with flavor and you can experience what eating real ice cream is like here. Chaman, by the way, has expanded to Karachi and Multan as well.

Via: White n Green


Mango Supreme from Hotspot

Dollops of mango and vanilla ice cream on a bed of soft sponge cake, made extra special with whipped cream and fresh cubes of mango. Life mein aur kya chahiyay?

Via: Tossdown


Mango Cake from English Tea House

French sponge cake layered with cream and bits of mango. Topped with mango glaze and fresh mangoes. Not bad.

Source: Mahvish Ahmad


Mango Trifle from Rina’s Kitchenette

Deliciously constructed, this is one of my favorites and is incredibly good.  The perfect dessert to satisfy your fruity cravings. There’s pleasure in every bite!

Source: Mahvish Ahmad


Mango Panna Cotta by Pink Kitchen

Stocked at Dessert Directory, this dessert is pure joy to consume and has a light, velvety texture. Diced mangoes on top add color, warmth and freshness. This one’s sure to give you a brain freeze. Yes, it is that good!

Source: Mahvish Ahmad


Mango Cheesecake Shot by Prime Edibles

Light and fluffy in texture, this cheesecake, served in a shot glass, can give your taste buds a super exciting mango experience. How beautiful is that mango rosette décor as the top layer and speaks volumes about the skill of the chef! The final dribble of maple syrup makes this dessert absolutely sensational. You can get your shot of flavor at Dessert Directory.

Source: Mahvish Ahmad


Mango Heaven by Scrumptious, The Food Boutique

Holding true to its name, this one takes you to heaven and back. Constructed carefully with cookie crumble, chocolate chips, cheesy mango creme, juicy mango cubes and jello, this beauty is not to be missed. A fruit-licious treat, that’s sure to bring a smile on your face, and that, too, a huge one. I was simply blown away! Available to give you a killer experience at Dessert Directory.

Source: Mahvish Ahmad


Mango Tart by Chef for the Weekend

This little flaky tart with creme anglaise filling and fresh mangoes and cream garnish is a perfect example of ‘happiness comes in small packages’. Great texture, amazing taste. This tart definitely makes the world a happier place.  Head out to Dessert Directory to buy yourself your dose of happiness.

Source: Mahvish Ahmad


Mango Pavlova by The Little Cake Company

Is that all that Dessert Directory has to offer in the Mango department? No, baby, no! They have a crazy good Mango Pavlova in stock for you! This is a meringue based dessert, which is crisp from the outside and soft and marshmallow -ey from the inside.  Topped with warm custard and fresh diced mangoes, this gorgeousness is a treat to look at. It takes a lot to remember the taste and write about it with a roza peeps! But I can do anything for mangoes. Pyaar kiya to darna kya?
Source: Mahvish Ahmad


Mango Chutney

What we have talked about above is mostly desserts, but when the focus is on mangoes, it would almost be criminal to not bring mango chutney under the spotlight. This is something to be devoured with your meal, not after, like desserts, and complements all types of everyday desi recipes. This chutney is a magical concoction, created by combining mangoes, garlic, ginger and a whole lot of spices. Try it with some keema bharey karelay, roti and lassi. Death.


My phuppo makes the best mango chutney in town, but sorry peeps, that’s just for me. My other favorite source of mango chutney is by Amina’s Organics and Naturals. It’s finger lickin’ good and this one, you CAN have. It is stocked at Haryali Store and The Organic Shop  in Lahore and at N’eco’s Natural Store and Cafe in Karachi. For other cities, they have nation-wide delivery service.



About the Author:  Mahvish is a mom, an economics teacher, a photographer and apparently something what they call a blogger. She is a Lahori Karachiite so she likes her biryani with lassi. She blogs at Safarnamay.


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