Drama “Khamoshi” Has Been Taking So Many Weird Turns Lately Ke Ab Tau Humein Chakkar Aa Rahay Hain

By Sarah Babar | 2 May, 2018

“Khamoshi” started off as a really nice story about a middle-class family who’s trying to make ends meet but the family still seemed content within themselves. All hell broke loose when Arsala, the protagonist, was forced to go to Karachi to support the family and became the sole breadwinner for the entire family.


While the story still held some sort of sense by the seams, up until the point where Atif and Naeema get married, keeping it a secret from Arsala

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Arsala who was supposed to get married to Atif, walks into their engagement and is obviously heartbroken, but she takes it like a champ and masks her emotions. Her mother then asks her to leave as soon as she can, but she participated fully in the shaadi. 


Things begin to get weird when Arsala asks her previous employers in Karachi who are leaving for Canada to find her work elsewhere

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She is then introduced to Bi Jaan who she gets attached to very very quickly and they soon become each other’s support systems. Arsala’s life crashes right down when Bi Jaan’s grandson, Shahram, falls for her and chooses her over his own cousin: Zubia: a woman who had been dreaming of marrying him for the longest time ever. Zubia’s mother keeps trying to get Arsala kicked out of the house and eventually succeeds after she accuses her of stealing Shahram away from her daughter and wrapping him around her finger, using her beauty.


One really really weird theme of the story is that of Zubia’s perception of being ‘ugly’ and that being the reason why Shahram doesn’t want to be with her

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She keeps repeating the fact that Shahram has been smitten by Arsala’s beauty and that she’s from a much lower class than him and that there are no match for one another. However, because of all the unwanted attention, most of it negative, that Arsala was getting, she refuses Shahram’s proposal and asks him to leave her alone.


Arsala is then employed by Tehseen Baji, who runs an NGO for underprivileged women, and starts leading a much better life

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She worries about Bi Jaan and her health and requests for Shahram, whom she had cut off all ties with, before, to make her meet Bi Jaan. Shahram plans to send Zubia and her family to Dubai for a vacation and moves Bi Jaan and Arsala into his own house, where they start living like a family, together.


All goes well up until Arsala’s birthday where Bi Jaan pressurizes Shahram into putting a ring on Arsala’s finger, to which they both oblige out of respect for her

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This is the exact moment where Zubia and family walk into the scene, kick Arsala out all over again and a pretty violent sequence begins with Zubia and her mother badmouthing Arsala, raising fingers at her character, and raising her hands on her, too. Arsala leaves the house all over again and the mother calls Arsala’s father saying the harshest things imaginable about Arsala’s character.


Arsala’s father, Sabir, suffers a heart attack after this phone call, Arsala is called back by her brother, she arrives with Shahram and Atif gets jealous

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While Shahram is the one who ends up secretly paying for the hospital bills, there is a whole new drama waiting to erupt in House Sabir. Sabir’s last wish to Arsala is for her to marry Shahram and that she possibly won’t find the support and affection that Shahram gives her with anyone else. He passes away soon after, and Naeema accuses Arsala of being the reason why they lost their father. Shahram overhears the outburst and leaves the house, but Arsala runs after him to go with him.


Before dropping off Arsala to Tehseen Baji’s, Shahram and Arsala both have polar opposite things to say to each other

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Arsala wants to accept Shahram’s proposal, giving her father his dying wish, but Shahram breaks off the engagement in order to protect Arsala from the wrath of Zubia and family. He takes Bi Jaan’s ring back from her in a heartbreaking scene. He then goes back to Casa Basit and asks for Zubia’s hand in marriage. He thinks that by doing that he will be protecting Arsala from all the slander that she has had to face. The family happily accepts and then yeppp, one more turn


Basit and his family send Bi Jaan to an Old Age Home so that she doesn’t interfere with the Zubia-Shahram shaadi that has to take place

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Bi Jaan keeps insisting on staying in her own house, which is hers by the way, but Basit refuses to take her back. She keeps waiting, stops eating, refuses to take her medicines till she sees her son. Basit is called back, he hugs her and cries, but then he pays the institution to never call him again and leaves. All this time, Bi Jaan, whom he had promised he would take home, keeps waiting.


On the other hand, Atif has moved to Karachi in search for a job and acts like a spoilt kid who hasn’t moved a muscle all his life

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He makes an issue with the accommodation, he can’t cook food for himself, and he can’t do basic household chores. But the worst is yet to come for him. He has to go to Tehseen Baji’s NGO to finalize a deal that his company was making with them. however, he doesn’t know that he is going to stand face to face with Arsala, who he is shocked to see in a ‘respectable position’, which is the opposite of what he thought she was doing in Karachi to earn money. They have a huge confrontation, which was basically Arsala speaking her mind to Atif and basically shame him so badly. She calls off the deal that the NGO was making with Atif’s company, which results in Atif losing his job. Shahram had seen Atif leaving Arsala’s office, inquires about him from the secretary, finds out he has lost his job and then ends up employing him. Yep. WTF is the right reaction to all of this. He ensures that Atif gets accommodation, gets his mother and Naeema to move to Karachi. And that is where we see the end of the latest episode.


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Haye Allah, just writing all of this down has given me a headache. Part of us believe that this is all HUM Network trying to keep the ratings up with dragging the drama for another few episodes. Or that they’re trying to take the drama up till the beginning of Ramazan, which basically means that there are still another two episodes left. But the thing that has been bugging us the most is that the show has lost it’s plot completely. There have been whole episodes where the story hasn’t progressed and what started off as such a great drama has been reduced to being yet another a boring, dragged show.


What are your thoughts? Do you agree with ours? Let us know in the comments below! Okay byeee ~


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