This Teacher In Multan Travels 60 Kilometers Every Single Day For Her Students And It Is Absolutely Admirable

By Biya Haq | 2 May, 2018

As we have seen, again and again, Pakistan is full of extremely talented, brave and driven young women and men.

Whether it’s fighting for animals,

Source: MangoBaaz

Or standing up for equal rights for women AND men.

Source: MangoBaaz

Well to add to our list of accomplished Pakistanis, we now bring you Mahjabeen Malghani, a teacher that ventures 60 KM every day on her motorcycle to reach her students in Dera Ghazi Khan.

According to Express Tribune, we have been introduced to one of the most driven Multanis we EVER.


In some ways, Mahjabeen’s story bears resemblance to that of Zenith Irfan’s, the woman who bravely carried out an expedition to the Khunjeraab Pass on her motorcycle by herself, to complete her late Father’s dream.

Mahjabeen, in the same way, is using her motorcycle to carry out her own passions and it is quite admirable.


The 33-year old has been riding back and forth between Multan and Basti Kalairi for the past six years, the town that was also once reportedly home to many militants and gangsters at one point, making sure to reach her students.

Despite some difficulty faced by her own family, as well, Mahjabeen has kept up her teaching duties.

Oh and guess what? The person who taught her how to ride her motorcycle in the first place was her husband, Farooq Nehal, who is also a teacher at the primary school in their hometown.


Source: IRK Films

Teachers like these are the teachers we need.

In recent years, especially, we have seen the importance and impact of women being facilitated by the people around them, to achieve their dreams. Whether it’s a woman riding a motorcycle or exposing someone for sexual harassment, any kind of strife is commendable when it comes to being a woman in Pakistan.

Reportedly, Malghani is the only female teacher at her school and is very much loved by her students and her student’s parents.

And we have to admit, we’re pretty in love with Mahjabeen ourselves.



Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook
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Via: Facebook

What did you think of Mahjabeen’s story? Would you do the same? Are you inspired? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.


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