These Unexpected Pakistani Drama Couples TOTALLY Surprised Us On-Screen With Their Sizzling Chemistry

By Iman Zia | 21 Jun, 2018

While Lollywood might sadly be on a steep decline with a repertoire of recycling gaining momentum within its content, we always have our dramas to always lean on. Pakistani dramas have time and time again given us a plethora of didactic moral compasses to cling onto and with them, the most unconventional drama couples that ended up sizzling on-screen.


Sanam Baloch and Fawad Khan, ‘Dastaan’

This drama remains close to home for many, in particular, this beautiful little pairing that broke our hearts with their gutting, tragic tale of heartbreak during Pakistan’s dawn. They fell in love at the wrong time – on the eve of battle, you could call it. Fawad Khan was a star in the making by the time ‘Dastaan’ unfurled after the massive success 2007 film ‘Khuda Ke Liye’ however hadn’t yet cracked the drama scene. On the other hand, Sanam was already a familiar drama face, and casting these two together was brilliant – their magic on-screen is unbound to this very day.

Source: Hum Television Network


Saba Qamar and Osman Khalid Butt, ‘Baaghi’

‘Baaghi’ was a loose retelling of contentious social media star Qandeel Baloch’s harrowing life, from her rural beginnings to her dawn as the ‘next big thing.’ Saba was the perfect actress to play Fouzia Batool, and news of her casting brought about a number of questions, mostly revolving around the question of boldness – how bold would Saba be to bring forth Qandeel on reel? Saba didn’t disappoint, and her critical acclaim for this drama speaks volumes. While there was no primary male protagonist, Osman’s role had significant screen presence as Fouzia’s lover. Casting Osman opposite Saba was a bit dubious, what with Saba being a far more mainstream drama actor than Osman and more senior. However, Osman gave his best role to date tbh, and proved he’s got acting potential, matching Saba’s gift as close as he could – who knew they’d look so great together!

Source: Paragon Productions

Sajal Aly and Imran Ashraf, ‘Gul-E-Rana’

Although their characters didn’t end up together, their chemistry left a mark on all those who watched ‘Gul-E-Rana.’ Sajal’s character should have been written to marry Imran’s simply because both actors looked simply surreal together, synchronizing on the perfect tempo. They’ve both got the softest faces, and while Sajal was always a more mainstream actress than Imran, casting Imran opposite her never failed to impress me each and every time they lit up the screen. I started rooting for them more and more as I saw them together, and felt warmed by Imran’s mellowness.

Source:Six Sigma Plus Production/MD Productions


Mahira Khan and Humayun Saeed, ‘Bin Roye’

Another unconventional pairing, I personally thought was that of Mahira and Humayun. Humayun is far more senior, and while Mahira was already a known face, casting the two seemed a little outspoken because she still seemed very young. Nonetheless, it was a steaming pair, and both actors slipped perfectly into their roles entwined in an aching love triangle. I’d love to see them together soon again, in another riveting drama like ‘Bin Roye.’

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


Ayesha Khan and Feroze Khan, ‘Woh Ek Pal’

Another pairing I would never have thought would have molded so well together – Ayesha and Feroze. Their chemistry was fiery, with Ayesha playing an older, single mother and Feroze the guilt-trodden younger boy who falls in love with her. Ayesha had already had many peaks in her career and was a very well known face, with Feroze toplining more baddish roles effortlessly; and while no one could doubt both their acting gigs, to see them together in a really gripping story too was a wonderful sight.

Source: MD Productions


Ushna Shah and Imran Ashraf, ‘Alif Allah Aur Insaan’

Imran was always the hushed supporting actor, but quickly gained prominence on telly with his incredible acting skills (he would follow this with his first drama as a screenwriter, ‘Tabeer’) in particularly on ‘Alif Allah Aur Insaan.’ It wasn’t your usual love story, what with Imran playing Shammo, the delicate and incredibly fine-tuned transgender in love with beggar-turned-courtesan Rani (Ushna Shah). I fell for this really unique dynamic, and I fell hard; the two glistened together, and while both have been in the drama circle for quite some time, this drama plunged both emerging actors to the front.

Source: Momina Duraid Productions


Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan, ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’

While Fawad, by now had already been seen as a male hero in a drama, Sanam was always cast as the side antagonist or a female protagonist within a bigger cast. This pairing left behind an imprint so deep, so resounding that it shall always be cherished. The drama is home for many, and their casting has always received tremendous praise, in particular now so that Sanam is back with her brilliant performance in film ‘Cake.’ Hope to see the two again soon on-screen in an indie film please and thank you.

Source: Moomal Productions


Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir, ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’

Who would have known anyone would fall in love so quickly with Sajal and Ahad’s pairing? Ahad was still a newcomer, with Sajal already exuding familiar television presence with her plethora of dramas – and lucky for him his role as the brooding and dashing Dr. Asfy left us all goggle-eyed. He was simply dazzling as Asfandyar and sparkled as Sajal’s love interest on-screen. We still ship them and will do so until the end of time.

Source: Momina Duraid


Do you have more pairings to add to the list? Let us know!


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