15 Types Of People You Would NEVER Want To Share A Bathroom With

15 Types Of People You Would NEVER Want To Share A Bathroom With

Bathrooms can be different things to different people. To some, the bathroom is just a means to excrete but for the rest of us, it’s a place of sanctity where one catches up on some toiletries reading, replying to texts, thinking of amazing new useless inventions, practice for an unsuccessful singing career, check yourself out in the mirror, rehearse the big resignation speech you’re going to drop on your annoying AF boss and so on, so forth. So, imagine when some asshat decides to rain (or poop) on your parade.

These types of people are the stuff of the nightmares, you positively, definitely, absolutely CANNOT share your inner sanctum:


1. Those spawns of the devil who don’t use the viper properly and leave the bathroom in shambles.

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2. The ladies and gentlemen that don’t believe in putting shampoo bottles upright and shutting the lids like what are you, a monster?

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3. Those who use up all the toilet paper and have no sense of urgency to replace.

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4. The ones who don’t squeeze the toothpaste tube from the end. Your parents should be ashamed of raising a jaahil like you.

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5. Those that leave used earbuds by the sink

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6. The one who splashes water all over the sides of the sink.

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7. Those who don’t switch on the exhaust fan after taking a massive dump.

Or use the air freshener? Are you aware of the amount of nitrogen gas you just released?

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8. Those who can’t dispose of the baby diapers/used sanitary pads properly. You filthy, filthy animals.

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9. Those who take FOREVER to shower and use up literally all of the planet’s water. 

Please, issi chullu bhar paani mein ja ker doob marein.

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10. The one who leaves love notes on the walls like a lovesick idiot.


11. Those who do not phelaofy the towel after using and it’s just hanging there all damp and gross.


12. Those who leave all the hair in the drain.

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Fuck you very much.


13. Those who pee in the shower. ALLAH POOCHAYGA.


14. The guys who leave the toilet seat up.

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