Here’s Why You Should NEVER EVER Try To Learn Urdu Through Google

Here’s Why You Should NEVER EVER Try To Learn Urdu Through Google

If you’ve ever tried to learn Urdu, through Google, or maybe just translated some stuff through it you’ll totally get where we’re going with this. So here’s the deal. We’ve seen some pretty strange stuff happening through translation fails. Like super weird!

Not to worry, Google Translate has got your back and boy are the results weirder and more hilarious than you could ever imagine them to be:


Google needs to learn to take it down a few *thousand* notches


It gets really aggressive when drinking coffee in Urdu



Google also has extreme reactions to hearing bad news




Imagine having to say this to your jigars:

Scene NOT on! 



Google has a tendency to get a little too literal, literally:



And it certainly has no chill:



But it sure knows when some trends just NEED to die already

Like those side-shaved heads, boys.



And Google cannot sing like Sia, especially not in Urdu:



Acha bas Google, too literal:



But then again, Google can’t even:



At least Google gets this one right:



Google’s translation algorithm or code or whatever is WAY too literal and to the point. But also we can’t really expect it to know everything. Till then Google Translate can be our source of entertainment and laughter.

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