Donald Trump Calls For A Complete Ban On Alladin And All Cartoons With Muslim Connections

By Hamza Ghaznavi | 11 Aug, 2016

On Tuesday night after Donald Trump claimed Muslims having the magical power of being able to detect bad guys just by looking at how big their hands are, he called on yet another ban. Donald Trump called for a ban on Alladin, and all cartoons that have Muslim connections.

In a special address, for a gathering of Council Of Wall Specialists (COWS), he said: “All cartoons that are Muslims, especially that guy, whathisname, Alladin, jeez even his name has their God’s name in it, they should all be banned from America, we need to make America great again. I’m going to build a wall.”

With a ban on Muslims, Mexicans, Washington post, human beings in general,   this will be Trump’s fifth call for a ban thais year on all Muslim cartoons in the wake of Orlando Shooting in a gay night club (which probably wouldn’t exist under Trump presidency).



According to Mr. Trump, Alladin is a cartoon which has for years tried to help Muslims


He said Alladin has helped Muslim culture seep into America by showing kids what a magic carpet is, he said America has “Starship Enterprise and that is good enough, we don’t need no magic carpets”.

He even went as far as saying Robin Williams couldn’t live with himself playing the iconic genie and this might be the real reason for the death of the celebrated icon.

“These questions need to be asked, I am not pointing any fingers I’m just saying the American people have the right to find out”, he said to resounding applause from the COWS.


Mr. Trump also had remarks for the Walt Disney Company, that produced the animated classic


He thought that the Oscar winning animated movie itself was average, he could make a much better cartoon if given the chance. He said if elected president he’ll get the best actors, producers and directors to make the best cartoons. He said his short stint in the Home Alone series had given him great insight into movie making.

He said a vicious cycle has started; we now have the avengers having Muslims characters with burqas on. This is dangerous for the public, he said, “Avengers are our super heroes, how can people involved in destroying our heart be part of a team whose sole duty is to protect America? This is wrong, won’t happen under my presidency, no way.”


He said he’ll tweet to Marvel and Stan Lee later today, to object to Muslim comic book superheroes


He also asked the victims or Orlando shooting to congratulate him on predicting the problem that is Islam. Then before a moment of silence for the victims he urged a minute of applause for himself.

After the press conference, Mr. Trump also complained that the cameras purposefully show his hands short in the video and claimed his hands are actually much bigger than are shown on the media.


Editor’s note: This was satire a.k.a. humor a.k.a. not-true (a.k.a could be true given the claims Mr. Trump has made in the past but it isn’t… yet).


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