Karachi's Do Darya Is Apparently Being Shut Down And People Are Absolutely Heartbroken

By Rabiya Jaffery | 24 Apr, 2018

When you think about Karachi, you think about two things: the sea and the food. 

Do Darya was an amalgamation of these two things, thereby representing the very essence of the city. Additionally, over the years, the foot street on the shoreline became one of the go-to places for just about everyone. It offered people the best dining experiences in the city while enjoying the sea breeze. 

Source: dhatoday.com

However, rumors surfaced recently that Karachi’s beloved strip of food and festivity is to be demolished. 

Restaurants in Do Darya have been ordered to shut down, according to reports on social media. Word on the street (err, social media) is that the DHA has sent notices to the restaurant owners to fold up their businesses by June this year.

Source: geo.tv


Understandably, this news has broken hearts. 

Consequently, some people are using apt images to voice their thoughts.


Moreover, others are upset that Karachi’s about to lose its symbol of pride.

And even non-Karachiites seem pretty devasted.

Some people have raised genuine concerns too.

Kyunke yeh Karachi walay log hain, a united front formed online. Their anger and sorrow resulted in the hashtag, #SaveDoDarya. People began rallying for the protection of the food street.

Remarkably, within hours, the hashtag started gaining traction. 


However, unfortunately, it seems like the demolition process has already begun.

Images that have been circulating on Facebook indicate that authorities have begun demolishing the area. People have been sharing these images extensively, heartbroken that their beloved Do Darya will soon no longer exist.

And honestly, looking at these pictures, it is kinda heartbreaking.

Via Facebook/Halaat Updates


It almost seems like a part of Karachi’s serenity is being robbed.

Via Facebook/Halaat Updates


Okay, this is pretty sad. 

Via Facebook/Halaat Updates

Hang in there Karachiites. Besides, you never know what’s really going down. As infuriating as it is, it can’t be denied that Do Darya will be missed. What do you think? Will you miss Do Darya? Share your fondest memory in the comments section below.




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