19 Different Types of People You Will Find in Your WhatsApp Group

19 Different Types of People You Will Find in Your WhatsApp Group

19 Different Types of People You Will Find in Your WhatsApp Group

There’s a reason why people were in a frenzy on New Years when WhatsApp crashed. Almost anyone and everyone in Pakistan uses WhatsApp, some people more than we’d like them to. And though WhatsApp has made our lives exceptionally easier, one could argue that the groups feature in WhatsApp might have done the opposite. And you only have the different types of people in those WhatsApp groups to thank for that.


1. The Dulhan-to-be who creates a group to force everyone to show up to Mehndi dance practices.

And continues to send passive aggressive messages when people don’t show up on time.

Source: tumblr

2. That one person who keeps changing the group name.



3. And the other one who keeps changing the group icon.

faisal qureshi


4. The self-imposed group leader who always makes the plans.

Whether you follow said plans is a different story.

Source: Tumblr


5. The excitement feigner. 

They’ll get excited about everything, even though they won’t know what’s exactly going on.

Source: tumblr


6. The non-existent one.

They’re there in the group, reading every message. But will never respond to anything. It makes you question who added the person in the group in the first place.

na maloom afraad


7. The obsessive photo/video sharer

The person keeps sending random memes from the internet to the group. Not sure why he/she doesn’t just use Facebook for that…



8. The shoda/shodee

Instead of using Instagram, this person needs photos of what they’re eating or what they’re doing so that everyone is updated.


9. The ‘LOL’ offender

For reasons unknown, this person is compelled to answer any message in the group with an ‘LOL’.

Source: tumblr


10. The emoticon offender

Instead of using his or her words, this person has entire conversations with different emoticons. The fact that they can do it is actually really skillful but you have to wonder how much time they spend doing it.

Source: bhavionline


11. The jokester

More often than none, this person’s jokes are only funny to him/her and everyone else just tolerates it.

Source: tumblr


12. The thurkee

For some reason, he feels the urge to share ‘questionable’ photos in the group.

Source: firstpost


13. The dramay-baaz

Easily gets offended and resorts to leaving the group…expecting someone to re-add him/her in a few moments.

Source: the Journal


14. The message forwarded.

These people need to be stopped.

Source: pandasecurity


15. The power-corrupt group admin.

Source: Tumblr


16. The audio-messages sender

This can be either a song they are listening to that they want everyone else to listen to or they just simply want everyone to hear their voice. Whatever it may be, these message are bloody annoying.


17. The overly religious one.

Source: Blogspot


18. The 24/7 one.

No matter what time of the day it is, you can be sure to get a message from this person in the group.



19. The essay-writer

Because one line sentences aren’t enough to tell everyone how your day has been so far.

Source: Tumblr

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