This Desi Makeup Artist Just Recreated Disney Princess Looks And We're Obsessed

By Kashaf | 11 Dec, 2017

Most of us grew up watching Disney movies and dreaming that somehow our life would turn out like a fairytale.  From The Little Mermaid to Snow White – Disney characters and their stories shaped our childhood and taught us some very important lessons.

source: Walt Disney Pictures


Makeup artist and model, Hamel Patel, has recreated Disney Princess looks with a desi twist and we’re LIVING for it.

source: @hamelpatel_ / Instagram

She’s made a thread on twitter where she put together outfits and makeup looks inspired by the original Disney Princesses – except with a unique desi twist.


Take a look at Desi Little Mermaid

source: @hamelpatel_ / Instagram

She absolutely slayed Ariel’s look with her mermaid eyeshadow complete with the fork, nose ring, and pastel sari.


Desi Cinderella

source: @hamelpatel_ / Twitter

The shimmery powder blue eye makeup complete with the perfect Cinderella-inspired updo and matching sari look amazing.


Desi Aurora

source: @hamelpatel_ / Twitter

This drop dead gorgeous “Sleeping Beauty” inspired look could be recreated for any wedding. The gorgeous intricate jewelry paired with a rose gold eye and pink blouse and dupatta are perfect look if you’re searching for your prince or just want to take a nap.


Desi Snow White

source: @hamelpatel_ / Twitter

While the story of Snow White sounds very desi, this talented artist brought Desi Snow White to LIFE. She paired her blue blouse with traditional jewelry, a winged eye, and a statement red lip – complete with the infamous apple.


Desi Belle

source: @hamelpatel_ / Instagram

Her most recent look, a desi version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, has us mesmerized. Everything from her yellow sari to her vintage jewelry is perfect.


People agreed that her looks were absolutely brilliant


What did you guys think about her Desi Princess looks?


cover image source: @hamelpatel_ / Twitter

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