23 Of The Most Annoying Desi English Pronunciations

23 Of The Most Annoying Desi English Pronunciations

We asked you about the most annoying desi English pronunciations and these were the responses:


“Feb-u-ary” or “fer-verry” came out as the annoying AF champion, followed closed by the obvious “Pro-noun-ci-ation” that a lot of you mistook the word for and “Jewel-ry”.

However, these weren’t the only ones that people came up with so here’s a sweet compilation of the murder of English language:


1. Player


2. (Beauty) Parlour


3. Wednesday


4. Genuine


5. Career


6. Measure


7. Violence


8. Park


9. Biscuit


10. Special


11. Development


12. Saturday


13. Chewing gum

Also note the fact that it’s just “gum” unless you’re describing a verb, smh.


14. Enjoy


15. Canada


16. Make-up


17. Oven

18. Mobile

19. Vitamin



20. Macaroni


21. Spaghetti


22. Jalapeno

23. Ladies


Special Mention:

This one gets a standing ovation 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


Are there any other mispronunciations that annoy you? Drop them in the comments below.

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