Dear Pakistani Men, You're Not God Fearing Anymore

By Hamza Ghaznavi | 17 Jul, 2016

What’s more disgusting than the news of Qandeel Baloch’s death was the commentary on social media. Here, I refer not only to the ones who were justifying her death but also those who were calling her shameless and condemning her death, in the same breath, as if it was important to reassure that they never supported what she did. The latter may even disgusts and scare me more. These bigoted souls are the reason our policy makers don’t have the pressure on them to pass laws to safeguard women. It’s because of this very reason laws that amount to insanity keep getting passed under the facade of conforming to someone’s idea of our religion.


What killed Qandeel?

Source: Yahoo

These holier than thou souls might not have strangled Qandeel, but their constant loathing of her or any women who slightly defies from our standard set of norms and values we have especially kept only for the female gender, is probably the reason she is dead. It is probably the reason that gave her brother and many other brothers the abominable ideas of what’s Honorable and despicable courage to perform the act.

Before we talk about her death, we should ask ourselves what actions of her really made her a shameless person or a victim of our favorite activity – “Moral Policing”? And who defines what morals are to be policed? Is it not a matter of one person and their Creator if they’re going to rot in eternal hell fire or be given the bounties of heaven?


How did Qandeel bring shame to Pakistan?

Qandeel Baloch and Shahid Afridi again
Via: Such TV

Was is it her showing too much skin on camera, which we don’t mind while we’re liking away foreign models on Instagram? Or was it because her approach wasn’t classy enough for us to be seen appreciating her? Whatever one’s view of what one likes or doesn’t like is personal, and I respect that, you have no right to call someone names and labels, or worse wish death upon them, simply because they don’t sin the way you do.

And as for those calling her an attention seeker, so what if she was? What’s inherently wrong with it, isn’t almost everyone either starving for it and succumbing to its need? I’m sorry but your endless change of display pictures everyday is not for any social good, it is you craving appreciation from people or as you might like to call it “being an attention seeker”.


Is this the world you want your daughter to grow up in, where another man can simply kill her if he thinks she is ‘dishonoring’ him?

Source: The Daily Beast

Whether you pray 5 times a day, or are getting blackout drunk 24/7, you simply cannot deny that we have a huge problem in this country which needs to be addressed. And despite popular made up belief, Feminism doesn’t make you less of a man, thinking from your penis does. Because know this, In a time where murderers, rapists, acid throwers are tolerated and a women’s cleavage creates more havoc than a corrupt political elite, we probably are living in the worst period of this nation’s troubled history.

Sorry Qandeel, but the fact is while I condemn the astray dogs and all the ills that led to your murder, I too am not much different from them. I too at certain occasions let the casual banter against you fly away in the spirit of guys hanging out and having a laugh at that odd girl on Facebook. While I might not have contributed to the conversation against you, silence is sometimes a sin, maybe even worse than being a part of the noise.

We aren’t the God fearing man we like to portray; we’re just men who’re afraid.


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