Deadpool Just Made An Election Video For PPP And It Is An Absolute Game Changer

By Mian | 31 May, 2018

With election season looming all over Pakistan, everyone is coming out and about their political preferences. Political candidates have been shifting their loyalties and surges of groups of people have been leaving and joining new political parties. We can all pretty much tell who is voting for who…


So much so that even one of the most famous superheroes from the Marvel Universe, Deadpool has come out in support of one of largest political parties of Pakistan … Pakistan People’s Party.


Lmaaaaaooo. And much needed support for the PPP, at that.

Considering that the party has not been getting a lot of love in recent elections and has been sidelined from the mainstream political debates with PML N and PTI stealing all the limelight.

But let’s not forget the rich history of one of the most resilient political party of Pakistan which simply refuses to go away. And probably won’t anytime soon. So now with Deadpool joining the fraternity as a certified ‘Jiyala’ the question to ask is whether this the spark PPP needed?

Either way, it surely seems to be winning people over.

It has us questioning, was this legit a PR move?

People seem to already be pledging their votes.

Via: Facebook

And are certainly considering him to be more competent than most of the political options we currently have.

Via: Facebook


Via: Facebook

It has us wondering what the real Deadpool may be thinking of the stunt as well.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

Also here’s hoping for a random Ryan Reynolds spotting. Hey, a fan can dream, no?

Finally, I guess it’s fair to say that with the election season here, we can expect many shenanigans like this, to keep entertained by. Let us know in the comments below, which superheroes you would like to see endorsing which political party and why you think they’d be a good match.


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