This Pakistani Man Who Tortured A Little Girl And Made Her Lick His Feet Has Finally Been Arrested

By Momina Naveed | 31 May, 2018

It isn’t often that usually optimistic people lose all hope in humanity.

However, some incidents have the ability to trigger tears of frustration and anger in the strongest of us; child abuse is one of them.

When my gaze landed upon a post of a toddler repeatedly being subjected to heinous torture, my body went numb and my brain couldn’t process just how terrible things have been getting on this once humane planet.

source: Riyasat Khan / Facebook

In the videos, the barbaric excuse of a man can be seen commanding the toddler to lick his feet, turn into a murga, and dance faster, as he hits her on various parts of her body.

Having narrowly escaped something similar as a child, my heart feels like it’s been ripped apart.

My eyes were brimming with tears as I watched that heart-wrenching footage. Why and how do people have the heart to torment anyone, let alone a child who isn’t even old enough to understand what’s going on? The questions arising in my mind are many, but the answer is only one: severe punishment.


Our Pakistani Awaam was just as perturbed as us:

Source: Baloch Hai Yaar.
Source: Baloch Hai Yaar.
Source: Baloch Baloch Hai Yaar

Thankfully, in this case, the assailant has been arrested by authorities in Kalakot:


Despite this sigh of relief, I believe it is high time, we as a society, make a pledge to not let any more of these masked barbarians walk amongst us.

The wronged souls of this world deserve to be brought to justice. Let’s do what we can for victims of child abuse. I’m playing my part by writing down this article; you can play yours by never overseeing any odd behavior towards a child.

A little observation can go a long way to help these silent sufferers, so please watch over your children. In today’s world, they aren’t safe from even their own family members, hence making it crucial to observe and question each and every difference in their behavior, in order to keep the purity of their souls from getting infested by such monsters.


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Cover image source: Risayat Khan/Facebook

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