DC Islamabad Got Trolled For Using A WhatsApp Forward As Official Statement About ‘Bad Weather'. The Met Office Just Clarified The Truth

By Manahil | 17 Apr, 2019

People called out DC Islamabad for spreading panic but the Met Office backs his statement… kinda


While some of you might be enjoying the rain, you probably have heard of the weather forecasts that are predicting some tricky conditions lately

Tons of news outlets and social media users have been circulating news of really alarming incoming weather.


Some people are actually really soaking it in



Even Deputy Commissioner Islamabad shared a statement about the weather

In his message, Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat, the DC of Islamabad was a little alarming as he tweeted that Pakistan will experience the “strongest winds in 7 years”. Yes. 7 years. You read that right.

Along with that, “heavy rains” and “hail” are all expected in the next 48 hours.


But this alarming message, and advice to “take all precautions” and to “remain vigilant” has been disregarded completely by some

A Facebook page posted a “special notice” in which they essentially called out the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad for sharing what they claim to be false news of “a severe weather system is entering Pakistan”. And told everyone to not panic. They went on to say that there has been no such news given by the Met department.

source: Rawalpindi/Islamabad Weather Via Facebook


So, of course people called out the DC and said he was tweeting a WhatsApp forward because this message had also gone viral on WhatsApp


“Who’s telling the truth?” You’re probably wondering. We were too so we decided to get clarification from the Met Office once and for all

We contacted the Met Department ourselves and spoke to a metrologist there. I was told about an official press release that the Met Department issued on April 12th, which was for the prediction of the upcoming several days.

They posted that Pakistan will be experiencing “dust-thunderstorm/rain”,  and “hailstorm(s)”are to be expected. They even added a note in which they state that heavy falls “may generate flash flooding” as well as “landslides”.

source: nwfc.pmd.gov.pk

The metrologist also told me he’s aware of the Facebook group called Rawalpindi/Islamabad Weather on Facebook. He told me they have multiple rain gauges and equipment around the two cities and they post weather updates frequently. However, they’re not as skilled as metrologist working in the Pakistan Metrological Department. He told me that PMD employees are actually trained with the same standards of the World Metrological Department and are, therefore, more trustworthy as well as accurate.

He also told me that in the official press news, they stated that “all concerned authorities are advised to remain ALERT” – including farmers. So it completely goes against the Rawalpindi/Islamabad’s facebook page when they asked everyone to “not panic” and “no threat to property”.

And when I asked about the Deputy Commissioner’s tweet, the employee told me that although his tweet was pretty accurate, the part about “7 years” was not.

So there’s that. Hope you guys are staying safe!


These Scary Images Of The Storm All Over Pakistan Are Straight Out Of A Horror Movie


Cover image via: @dcislamabad / Twitter and Samaa News/Associated Press of Pakistan

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