Libras Have A Dark Side To Them. Here's What You Should Know About It

By Zainab Ali | 21 Oct, 2018

Libra season is here folks, and as a Libra myself, I already feel like I’m walking on a cloud. Libras get praised for being diplomatic, just, and romantic. After all, Will Smith is a Libra and he is an unproblematic king, so like, we’re pretty much really cool.

However cool though, every sign has negative aspects as well. So if you’re a Libra, it’s time to get off your high horse and walk into the darker area of the Libra forest (you can get back on after reading this, of course).

Libras are great sweet-talkers

Charming others comes naturally to Libras, it’s something they are good at. More than any other sign, they can easily please those around them. However, this becomes a negative aspect when they start being extra nice to get favors from people. In this way, a Libra can be manipulative by using their charm get what they want. Most Libras are well aware of what others like to hear, and end up using that to their advantage.

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They tend to put on different masks

Libras tend to have a ‘private face and a public face.’ They present themselves very differently to different groups of people – some may even term it as being two-faced. Libra is a sign of scales, so they weigh themselves. They easily adapt and shift into different ways that they believe will be more presentable to them. So, even if a Libra is very angry at a household member, they will always answer the phone in a calm, put-together manner.

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Denial is their best friend

A Libra loves to have balance in all situations, in their surroundings, and in their relationships. This means that sometimes they’re willing to have a peaceful environment even if it means lying, sneaking around or even being fake. Libras tend to overlook the fact that life cannot always be conflict-free, thus there will always be moments when things aren’t at peace and instead of working it through, they do whatever they can to establish harmony. Libras don’t like dealing with pain or any type of unpleasantness. Since they avoid pain, they end up having meltdowns.

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They’re indecisive AF

Libras love to weigh the pros and cons of every little thing. However, they usually end up still not being able to decide what to choose. The reason might be that they don’t have enough confidence, or do not want to blame themselves when they make a decision that might end up being wrong. This indecisiveness sets them and can create hurdles in their life. Libras, because of their inability to choose, tend to depend on others to guide them.

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Librans are cheetay, despite all of their darkness. Tag a Libra you know or comment below any dark quality of a Libra that you might know of.


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