Cynthia Ritchie Is In Another Phadda With Pakistanis After Being Trolled Over A Women's Bicycle Rally Being Cancelled

By Noor | 19 Jan, 2019

We all know about the ‘love’ Cynthia Ritchie has for Pakistani people and we know about her very famous Twitter fueds as well, right? Well, after the Farhan-Cynthia phadda, let me just fill in you with the details of yet another ongoing Twitter feud.

A little background, first. It all started with the news around how a women’s bicycle rally in Peshawar had been cancelled after protest threats by certain religious parties.

This instantly made people think of Cynthia bragging about the freedom she had in Pakistan.

Basically, people tried to point out the double standards of Pakistani men, as well as how Cynthia had the idea of freedom in Pakistan wrong.

People drew comparisons between the reactions of Pakistani men towards the idea of empowerment when Cynthia spoke of it, as opposed to when local women speak of it. They pointed out how easily Pakistani men accepted the whole concept of Cynthia Ritchie riding a bike but couldn’t do the same when Pakistani girls performed the same act.

The accommodating nature of Pakistani men in Cynthia’s case was highlighted. Especially since the same men used religious and cultural references to discourage Pakistani girls from being empowered.

A lot of people tried to explain why the situation was so damn irksome.

And people blatantly called her out for her misinformed tweets.

Basically, there was a lot of trolling, but it wasn’t out of place.

However, if y’all thought Cynthia was going to sit back and take it all silently, well, you were wrong. She responded to people regarding this with…well, interesting replies.

She called out people for tweeting at her, saying they should focus on “real stories” and avoid “grade school antics.”

She also lashed out at journalists with a certain amount of sass.

And when it was implied yet again that she was an undercover agent (because obviously, the discussion HAD to go there…)

…she pointed fingers at others.

Basically, she had something to say to anyone who was calling her out.

She even threw in a khota biryani dig.


Look, this can go on being a case of he-said-she-said, but the fact of the matter is that we have a long way to go as far as female empowerment is concerned. Some people may think differently because it’s easier for them to perform certain acts, but it doesn’t apply to our society as a whole. One day, maybe it will. Till then, working towards empowerment is a much better solution than staying in denial, nahi? 

What do y’all think? Let us know in the comments.

People Are Trolling American Filmmaker Cynthia Ritchie After She Had A Meltdown Over Her Love For Pakistan

Here’s A Run Down Of Cynthia Ritchie’s Explosive And Confusing Phadda With Half Of Pakistani Twitter

Cover image via YouTube

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