I Just Saw Mathira's Cringy New Condom Ad And I Have SO 🤔 MANY 🤔 Questions 🤔

By Aam Nawab | 4 Aug, 2018

Alright guys, we thought that we saw everything in the world from “Axcuse me, Aap bhi?” to Pakistani brands ripping off Indian ads without even an ounce of shame. Our eyes and minds have been scarred enough to consider psychotherapy already.


But wait, we keep beating our own records in coming up with shit that makes no sense and is not even remotely close to reality.

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We were going about our business, living our lives peacefully and looking forward to our Biryani lunch when THIS made its way on air and we just – we couldn’t even.

This new Pakistani ad for condoms is one such ad that will leave you scratching your head

And just your head, btw.


Okay. Let’s just take a minute and sit down in our chairs before we contemplate throwing ourselves out of the window


Source: Sesame Workshop


Let’s dissect this… umm… experience, scene by scene

Scene 1: The Fake AF, “I’m a creepy dumbass” smile

Source: DKT Pakistan/YouTube

Okay, first things first – Who shows up like a creep to their new neighbor’s house, shrugs their shoulders and gives this annoying AF smile which clearly gives off the fuck boy vibes, and starts lifting someone else’s stuff WITHOUT EVEN MAKING ONE WORD OF CONVERSATION WITH THEM?




Scene 2: Woman has no concept of safety or personal space and has allowed a robotic fuckboi into her house.

Okay so..who has this many (ugly) tea cups? Also, who packs tea cups like that? this is low key giving us anxiety attacks.

Source: DKT Pakistan/YouTube



… and then the next thing you know is that Mr. Johnny Bravo decides to make tea in an ancient kettle and offer it to the intahai disinterested Mathira because that’s what strangers do right?

You give them your worst attitude, they still make you tea…and hand it to you like you just won a damn water cooler from the Tariq Aziz Show..


Source: DKT Pakistan/YouTube

Abay tujhe koi tere line dena bhool gaya tha kya? Dentonic kahin ka.


Scene 3: Let the weirdly suggestive sexy times begin.

Fun Fact: Intercourse is a good way of saying thank you to complete, utter strangers who smile at you and/or oblige you with tea. Hence, always carry a carton full of protection kyun ke kabhi bhe zaroorat purh sakti hai.

Ladies and gentlemen – NEVER USE THIS AS A PICK UP LINE. NEVER!

Source: DKT Pakistan / YouTube


Our biggest question for this ad?

Unrealistic amount of condoms to help you settle into the new house: Check…completely normal. No big deal. it’s cool… NOT! TF MAN?!

Source: DKT Pakistan/YouTube



Scene 4: That AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH at the end will send shivers down your spine and not in a good way

Well….That escalated quickly…


On a serious note, guys, is it this easy to get laid nowadays? seriously? Please explain how thanday ka matlab AHHHH hota hai? Also, did anyone else notice how this ad resembles a certain “Zalima” ad?

Thank you for ruining the word “thanda” for me. Thanks.


What do you guys think about this advertisement? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: DKT Pakistan / YouTube

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