This Pakistani Brand Is Being Sued By An Indian Company For Allegedly Copying Their Ad & We Really Hope Kareena Doesn't Notice

By Kashaf | 26 Mar, 2018

If any of you have tuned into the PSL matches for this past month, you may have noticed a certain commercial from a popular cosmetics company in Pakistan.


Some people have been chirping about how this Olivia Ad featuring Kareena looked oddly familiar…and out of place.

A commercial by famous Pakistani brand ‘Olivia’ by Maskatiya Industries features Bollywood diva, Kareena Kapoor, endorsing a hair color treatment by the name of ‘Olivia Intense’.

source: Olivia Shukria / Facebook


Turns out, the ad is allegedly a frame to frame copy of an Indian commercial by BBlunt, a Mumbai-based company by Godrej Group

The original commercial is for a hair color treatment by the name of BBlunt Salon Secret. It was first noticed by advertising publication Campaign India.


The two ads apparently look like they’re literally the same thing

The only change apparently made was photoshopping out the BBlunt products with the Olivia products.


According to Campaign India, Sunil Kataria, the business head of Godrej Consumer Products, has stated: “We wish to clarify that GCPL has no business relationship with Maskatiya Industries Private Limited (Olivia cosmetics). It has been brought to our notice recently that Maskatiya Industries have copied the ‘BBlunt Salon secret High Shine Crème hair colour’ TVC. This seems to be a direct case of plagiarism and Godrej Consumer Products Limited condemn this act which infringes our copyrights over the said TVC. We shall be taking appropriate action against the same.”


The commercial has since been removed from Olivia’s social media pages

Advertising professional and journalist, Babar Khan Javed, was among the first to point out the issue. After investigating he stated that, “I reached out to the brand & marketing heads of Maskatiya Industries on Saturday and to date, they never responded with a statement. Subsequent phone calls were hung up moments after learning who was calling.”

The only difference between the two commercials is the product that shows up at the end.

source: BBlunt Salon Secret


source: Olivia Intense


People were just as confused as we were

source: Khalid Alvi Marketing Next/ Facebook


Some were saying that they took copy and pasting to a whole new level

source: Khalid Alvi Marketing Next/ Facebook


Honestly though, did they not think that anyone would find out?

source: Khalid Alvi Marketing Next/ Facebook


Some were saying it isn’t actually the brand’s fault and the responsibility probably lies with their ad agency:

source: Khalid Alvi Marketing Next/ Facebook


MangoBaaz tried reaching out to Maskatiya Industries and their digital agency but did not get an official statement from them. It is believed that the Indian company has served a legal notice to the manufacturers of Olivia. Whoever’s fault it is, it’s definitely very embarrassing. Here’s hoping that we soon get some clarification on this.

In the meanwhile how about you guys tell us if you think about this:


Disclaimer: MangoBaaz has recently worked with Olivia on branded content.


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