17 Of The Most Intense Complications In A Pakistani’s Life

17 Of The Most Intense Complications In A Pakistani’s Life

Life has many complications. This becomes clearer as you grow up. However, the complications that desi life presents may seem insurmountable at the time, but they sure are hilarious when you think about them later.

Here are just some of the complications of desi life plaguing people, maybe you’re one of them:


1. When you choose a profession other than ‘doctor’ or ‘engineer’


2. When your parents insist that you hang out with the khandaan


3. When there is no concept of privacy in your family


4. When you want to hang out with bae but you have a family dinner


5. When brothers aren’t always on their best behavior toward their sister


6. When you go out to eat and wonder if the restaurant is Ayesha Mumtaz certified


7. When you’re a girl with a social life


8. When you make plans with friends


9. When you’re expected to behave like an adult


10. When you can’t diet with the desi cuisine


11. When your mom calls you while you’re out on a date with bae


12. When you’re a girl with guy friends


13. When your dost are more interested in treats than in your achievements


14. When your future is an actual topic of discussion at dinner parties


15. When you start questioning your love life


16. When she asks you to try making a perfect gol roti for a change


17. But the biggest complication for a Pakistani is this one



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