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The Complete Guide For Pakistani Women On How To Take A Selfie

The Complete Guide For Pakistani Women On How To Take A Selfie

Are you also one of those girls who can’t help taking a selfie every time they go out (read: breathe)? Well if your answer to that is YES, then look no further, we have put together a brief list on how to take the PERFECT selfie every time all the time.


1. Turn off your camera’s shutter sound discreetly.

You sure don’t want to look like a narcissistic creep in public.

Source: Tumblr

When you realize you’re not alone here…


2. Flip Your Camera To Front-Facing Mode.

And puke a little in your mouth when you accidentally look at your unprepared face in the front camera and your hideous double chin.

Source: Tumblr


3. Tap the screen like a crazy person to bring MAXIMUM light to your face.

Till all your features disappear into a white light of nothingness. BUT HEY! Goray rung ka zamana kabhi hoga na purana, gori dar tujhe kiska hai?

Source: Tumblr


4. Look around candidly to make sure nobody’s watching you.

You’re not a laughing stock and NEVER will be! Haters gon’ hate.

Source: Tumblr


5. Raise your arm and phone up till you can see the scalp in your hair-parting.

Keep raising both till your face starts looking smaller and slimmer than Deepika’s.

Source: Tumblr


6. Flash a demo smile to check for spinach or other leftovers between teeth.

Hey nobody wants to know what you had for breakfast! Those updates are for Instagram only.

Source: Tumblr


7. Make sure your hair is on point.

Effortless and majestic.

Via: Imgflip


8. Now pout slightly to make your fat face shrink.

We all know the mounds of fat on your face can put a pig to shame but no harm in improvising a little.



Source: Thoughtcatalog



Source: Tumblr

9. Pouting: Advanced Level – The Duck Face.

There’s no such thing as too much pouting. Pout like there’s no tomorrow and so hard that your lips look like Kylie Jenner overdosing on some more collagen.

Source: Showbizlounge


10. Press the camera button 763902 times. 

Keep pressing that bad boy till you have more shots than the pixels on your screen.

Source: T-Series Via: Brandsynario


11. Carefully evaluate and delete pictures where you look like shi*t.

Aint nobody got time that.

Source: Tumblr

12. Select 1 picture and apply Valencia, Nashville, X-Pro II and Sepia as filters. 

Smokin’ hot AF

Source: Tumblr


13. Repeat MA 3 times before uploading your masterpiece.

Do the mirch-tarrka too while you’re at it!

Source: Tumblr


14. Put it up on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter under the caption #Candid.

Damn the paparazzi! I don’t even know when this picture was taken!

Source: Tumblr


Now go and show the world your best pout.


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