Coke Studio Just Released A Surprise With Atif Aslam Reciting Asma-Ul-Hasna & It's Giving Me Goosebumps

By Maryam Khalid | 15 May, 2020

Atif Aslam just came out with a Coke Studio Special

Since the day Atif Aslam delivered the iconic rendition of ‘Tajdar e Haram‘, all of us have been spell-bound by his performance. Coke Studio blessed us again with ‘Wohi Khuda Hai‘, which was again a mystical masterpiece. So, it is safe to say that Atif Aslam’s soulful voice has the power to grip our hearts with divine words.


Coke Studio just released a surprise with Atif Aslam with a beautiful kalaam of Asma-ul-Husna

This came out in a time where the entire humanity feels helpless in front of the ferocious coronavirus.

Source: Coke Studio/ YouTube


Atif looks dapper in a traditional kurta pajama and a white shawl draped around his neck

Source: Coke Studio/ YouTube


The Holy Names are shining bright and strong in the absolute hollowness throughout this Coke Studio and Atif Aslam collaboration

While the entire world is in chaos, only Asma-ul-Husna could illuminate the lost paths. The symbolism here is way too perfect.

Source: Coke Studio/ YouTube

The graphics and the angles are just so stunning Absolutely in awe with how Atif is immersed in the kalaam.


This Coke Studio surprise with Atif Aslam is getting love from the awaam, naturally


You can watch the entire kalaam here:

You can count on Atif Aslam to grasp you in his charisma and evoke gratitude for the divine powers. This is something we really needed in these hard times. Bless you, Atif!

So how did you like the kalaam? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via Coke Studio / YouTube

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