I Tried To Find Out Who Removed Abrar Ul Haq's Billo From YouTube And Things Took An Extremely WTF Turn

By Hafsa Ahmad | 21 Nov, 2019

Abrar ul Haq’s Billo song is a mood

We were all waiting eagerly for the new season of Coke Studio and the return of Rohail Hayat. Sadly it’s been a rather mediocre new season with not a lot of bops, not even any Ko Ko Korina disasters either. So it’s been a pretty safe, pretty mediocre season so far. One thing that’s been a pain for this season’s songs though is a weird phenomenon. Many Coke Studio songs are being removed from YouTube for alleged copyright violations and something similar happened to Billo by Abrar ul Haq.


So Abrar ul Haq’s Billo song has been one of the rare good things of the new Coke Studio season so far

Recently after a whole series of disappointments, Coke Studio blessed us with Abrar ul Haq’s Billo. It was a beautiful trip down the memory lane for so many of us. We had found our jam. Life was good.


Until the iconic song was taken down, due to a copyright claim by one Karman Entertainment limited


People were confused because everyone thought Abrar ul Haq’s Billo was originally an Abrar song anyway

I mean, it’s an anthem! what do you mean it was removed? POOJA WHAT IS THIS BEHAVIOUR?!


So we took it upon ourselves to find out who Karman entertainment is and why are they doing this to us

Like your dedicated neighborhood investigative journalist I did what a “good investigative journalist” does. I googled them. And Google led me to their Facebook page.

Umm. the Facebook page shows that the company is a Record Label based in the UK.

source: Karman Entertainment/Facebook


So I tried reaching out to them via email on the given email address but something weird happened

Now, this is the point when I started to get weirdly suspicious of things being off with this company.

Source: gmail.com


That’s when I kinda knew there’s something shady about the label. So more curious than ever, I followed the details given on their Facebook page and searched the “official” website and things just took a weirder turn from there



After recovering from the trauma that the “website” induced I decided to check out their Twitter as a last resort and… I, ooop-


This moment onwards, I decided to abort the mission ASAP cos like umm matlab ye log sahi ni lag rahay. But then I realized its BILLO yaar. Also, having taken on the responsibility of investigating this case of national importance I couldn’t let go of my patriotic responsibility, after all.

So I headed to YouTube, where everything had started. AND FOUND THEIR CHANNEL!

But the YouYube channel hasn’t been active in the past 6 years. 6 YEARS! also, in the very few videos that they had posted, there was no sign of Abrar ul Haq’s Billo.


I didn’t find Abrar ul Haq’s billo but I did find something even weirder on their YouTube channel (as if that was even possible from here)

The record label had posted a video of the One pound fish dude singing one pound fish with Miss France! ye kya ho raha hai?

After watching this video and encountering a MAJOR blast from the past everything about Karman entertainment started to look even more fishy ( bad pun, I know. Sorry.). My mind, burdened with information of these weird discoveries, started to come up with conspiracy theories.

Does Karman entertainment own billo?

Does Karman entertainment own the one pound fish song?

Does Karman entertainment play weird mind games with us, because both these songs are SUPER ADDICTIVE and I don’t know what the world will do without Billo?

Is America really hiding Karman entertainment in Area 51 instead of Aliens?


After a hundred more of these VERY far fetched questions, I decided to reach out to Coke Studio so they can shed some light on wtf is happening. But sadly, they haven’t responded as yet.

Until Coke Studio responds, feel free to comment below and let us know what you think about the entire situation.


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Cover image via: Coke Studio

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