Coke Studio Artist Naseer Afridi Is Claiming That Ukhano Allegedly Stole His Music

By Aam Nawab | 19 Jul, 2019

The allegations against Ukhano are piling up.

After the initial accusations against Ukhano on his alleged inappropriate behavior came to light, the conversation against him has only gained momentum. Other YouTubers have also come forward sharing their two cents on the situation. While some sided with the vlogger and asked for people to wait to hear out both sides of the story, others implied that they see a pattern and would choose to extend their support to the women coming forward.

However, as of today, a fresh set of allegations have come to light.

Ahmad Butt, a musician from NESCAFÉ Basement and Director of “Rearts”, a Record Label and Performing Arts company, took to Twitter to talk about an issue pertaining to intellectual property theft.

Naseer Afridi,  a musician who has even appeared on Coke Studio, is officially signed to “Rearts” and the company represents him which is why Ahmad took it upon himself to make this information public.

His Twitter thread alleges that Umar Khan ‘sold’ the rights to three of Naseer’s songs to a company he was making videos for.

In fact, according to the thread, the only way Naseer found out about this was when people started to tell him about his music being used in his vlogs.

He also shared that the artist never even received the remuneration for the said songs and that he proceeded to pocket the sum himself.


Upon knowing about this, Naseer reached out the company Ukhano sold the music to and asked them why his music was being used in their videos. This is when he was told that Ukhano had sold the rights to them.

Naseer explicitly denied signing over any rights to Ukhano or the company.

It was disclosed that Naseer and the company eventually settled the matter and he was compensated for the use of his music in the videos.

But despite all this, Ukhano did not face any repercussions for his alleged intellectual property theft.

Ahmad has now decided to make these proceedings public, with Naseer’s consent, in light of the recent accusations being levied against the vlogger.

MangoBaaz reached out to Naseer Afridi, from Naseer And Shahab for his take on the alleged intellectual property theft.

Via Coke Studio

He stated that he did not know clearly how Ukhano managed to sell his music to a company without his consent but what he inferred from what the company told him is that Ukhano pretended to have been given the authority to do so.

“Ukhano approached me earlier last year claiming he was a fan and wanted to help me put my music out there to a larger audience. I liked his work and thought there is no harm in having a kid work alongside [me]. He asked me to use Naseer & Shahab’s music in his Vlogs to which I agreed at the time”

“Little did I know he had sold my music to a company, without even asking or letting me know, for a series of vlogs alongside international artists. Upon confrontation, the company was generous enough to pay the damages but Ukhano didn’t seem to care.”

MangoBaaz has reached out to Umar Khan AKA Ukhano for a statement and has yet to receive a response.  This is a developing story.

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