Coffee Can Help Improve Your Memory. Here's How

By MangoBaaz Studio | 3 Aug, 2021

Let a cup of coffee awaken the senses!

The morning coffee ritual is as integral as making your own bed. Whether you like to prepare your own pour-over or rush out of the house to get your a.m. pick-me-up, you know that brew will always perk you up!

If you want to learn more about the surprising effects of that cup of jitter juice on your brain, read on until the end!

Coffee may be beneficial for your memory

Getting more forgetful, huh? A little caffeine may change your game, trust me!

Antioxidants found in the coffee get your brain cells up and running in a jiffy (well, that might be a slight overstatement, but antioxidants in coffee nourish and protect your brain cells and improve the brain function over time!)

Long-term consumption of coffee not only reduces the chances of age-related memory loss, but also improves memory consolidation.

Source: Healthy Life | WeRIndia

Coffee may reduce your risk of dementia

Source: Bel Merra Health

Studies have revealed that daily consumption of up to 4 cups in midlife can help PREVENT the formation of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s by up to 65%.

Coffee improves your performance on cognitive tasks

Good news: This claim is not open to conjectures because it is a 100% proven fact. Consuming coffee with at least 65 mg of caffeine at four distinct intervals throughout the day will spark your alertness. And so, your performance on cognitive vigilance and simple and choice reactive tasks will improve.

Caffeine will improve your ability to concentrate, which shall most assuredly enhance abstract and linear thinking.

Source: Engage Employee

Healthy amounts of coffee

So now that we have established that COFFEE CAN HELP IMPROVE MEMORY, it is somewhat unclear at what doses it may no longer be as helpful. Science is still up in the air, so it’s best to stick to moderate levels of coffee intake every day. Honestly, you can never really tell how much is too much, but it is safe to go up to 4 cups of coffee making up about 400 mg of caffeine a day.

All in all, savor every last sip of your espresso because it most certainly has a protective effect on brain function!


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