Does Coffee Cause Cancer? Here’s What We Found After Some Digging

By MangoBaaz Studio | 2 Aug, 2021

The relationship between coffee and cancer has had us on the edge of our seats. 

A hot, steaming cup of coffee may have at least 5 mg of caffeine – everything you need to jumpstart the day. Whether you call it joe, java, or jitter juice, take it with cream and sugar, or just black, you know you are drinking more coffee than ever!

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Did you know that coffee was once recklessly touted as a cancer treatment? Yep, no kidding! However, it was later declared a carcinogen – “a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue” (source: Oxford Dictionary)!

I know it’s more of a chicken and egg situation, and that you must be scratching your head by now.

Let’s just cut to the chase before we dive into the details – “Coffee DOES NOT cause cancer!”

To begin with, there is no clear scientific evidence linking the excessive consumption of coffee and the augmented risk of cancer. About 3 decades ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) added coffee to its list of carcinogenic substances, until recently, in 2016, it removed coffee from the list because of insufficient evidence confirming the “myth.”

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The links between coffee and cancer have been under thorough research for decades. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), there is still a lot that researchers have not been able to prove. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRAC) – the arm of WHO responsible for assessing carcinogenic substances COULD NOT conclude that coffee is a carcinogen. In fact, studies have shown that coffee consumption is the least ranked amongst the causes of cancer.

Also, researchers claim that coffee consumption is not a cause of prostate, pancreas, and female breast cancers. But guess what? It may reduce the risk of liver and endometrium cancers.

Do coffee enemas treat colon cancer?

Oh yes! They most definitely do! Cancer specialists are taken aback by the incredible cancer-treating benefits of coffee enemas. This unusual treatment rests on the theory surrounding the injection of coffee directly into the colon, causing swift caffeine absorption and immediate detoxification. The scientific name for the treatment is “Gerson Therapy” – promoting detoxification through vegetables, organic fruits, juices, and, of course, coffee enemas!

Should people be worried about drinking coffee?

All in all, a moderate level of coffee consumption clearly does not have any proven link to cancer, so we’re good. In fact, there is strong evidence that coffee is a significant source of antioxidant molecules. It not only reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome but also Type 2 diabetes.

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If you’re concerned about your risk of developing cancer, talk to your healthcare provider about the risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment. Current dietary guidelines state that moderate coffee intake can form a healthy diet in adults.

Tou chill karo yaar!

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Have a cup of coffee for it is HOTTER than Angelina Jolie!


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