Oh Honey, Chief Justice Found Alcohol In Sharjeel Memon's Hospital Room And Pakistanis Are All Cracking The Same Joke

By Fareeha Akhtar | 1 Sep, 2018

The current Chief Justice of Pakistan has recently been a very controversial figure. He’s been criticized for his involvement in state affairs and commended for his initiative of starting the Diamer-Bhasha Dam Fund. Basically, been a BAWS (read: boss with a swag).

This morning, Chief Justice Saqib Nisar aka DA BAWS, raided former PPP leader and Sindh MPA, Sharjeel Memon’s hospital room. And surprise surprise, he found three bottles of alcohol. Memon was under treatment at Ziauddin Hospital and his room had been declared a sub-jail.


The whole situation is pretty funny tbh and of course people have a lot of jokes

Chief Justice raiding Sharjeel Memon’s room is pretty hilarious because it reminds one of the way your strict desi parents sometimes catch you doing “besharam” things.


What’s funnier is that his driver said that the bottles contained honey and cooking oil

Remember a certain Mr. Gandapur who was also caught transporting honey bottles? 😜


Honestly yaar! Kya mazaak hai


People are also waiting for PPP, Mr. Memon’s party, to speak up regarding this matter


However, it is also important to note that in a country where privacy is already a joke, the Chief Justice conducting a raid like this with the media tagging along raises concerns about the personal space of the country’s citizens

Again, it depends of what your take on the importance of privacy is.

Basically, its a whole outrage and we can’t wait to see what happens next. Let’s just hope we get a better explanation than honey and cooking oil. Also, we’re waiting to hear how much fine will uncle Chief Justice put on Mr. Memon for drinking 😜



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